Part of Henan Zhoukou medical waste was made into daily necessities for sale

Part of Henan Zhoukou medical waste was made into daily necessities for sale Hospital disposable infusion sets, needles, gauze, bandages, etc. These medical wastes have a certain degree of infectivity and toxicity, so they must be professionally harmless. According to the national regulations, since 2004, special medical waste disposal facilities have been established in cities above the municipal level.

Not long ago, during an interview in Zhoukou City, Henan Province, the reporter saw that the medical waste disposal center here was built, but it was an empty display and was not put into use. What was the reason for this? Commentary: Zhoukou Medical Waste Disposal Center It is the only company in Zhoukou that concentrates on medical wastes. It is located in Yangzhuang Village, Chuanhui District. It covers a total area of ​​16.1 mu, with a total investment of 21.8 million yuan, including a national special fund of 9.8 million yuan. The disposal center was established in May 2006, started in September 2007, and was put into trial operation in June 2009. The hot waste incineration treatment method was used to treat the harmless treatment of medical wastes. However, when the reporter came here, he discovered that there was no production here.

Reporter: How much medical waste can you put together every day?

Lu Tong (responsible person of Zhoukou Medical Waste Disposal Center): We now receive it once in two days, which is about 200 kg.

Reporter: Do you treat it harmlessly?

Lu Tongshan: No, we are ruthless. Now basically burn once a week.

Commentary: It is understood that this medical waste disposal center has a design capacity of 8 tons per day, and the average daily medical waste collected today is only about 100 kg. Since the amount of medical waste collected is too small, it can only be frozen every day. Once again, concentrate on processing once. It is also because the processing capacity is too small to meet the requirements for commissioning. This disposal center has not been able to formally operate.

Is the total amount of local medical waste too small? In fact, when planning a medical waste disposal center, according to the total amount of medical waste generated by various types of medical and health organizations in Zhoukou City at various times, scientific calculations were made. The processing capacity of 8 tons per day was designed based on this measurement. However, at present, there are only 4 companies that have signed contracts with more than 700 medical waste disposal centers in the region, so why aren't people willing to send medical wastes here?

Commentary: The “Regulations on the Management of Medical Wastes” clearly stipulates that medical waste prohibits the sale and transfer of any unit or individual. The reason why the state requires medical waste to be prohibited from trading is that once it enters the recycling market, unscrupulous traders will reprocess it to make some Daily necessities enter the new circulation and the harm is even greater. Did the heads of clinics really say that many hospitals have sold medical waste? Will it be the behavior of individual clinics?

At noon on September 4, the reporter came to the Chuanhui District Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Zhoukou City. The reporter on the second floor of the hospital saw such a scene. At that time, a medical worker was selling waste products at the entrance of the corridor. There were four bags of waste. After the waste collector gave money to the medical staff and carried them back downstairs, what are the waste products they recovered? Will there be medical waste?

In the waste recycling bag, the reporter found that all the insides were filled with used disposable infusion sets. According to the medical waste classification, the disposable infusion set was carrying pathogenic microorganisms and had medical waste that caused the spread of infectious diseases. It was an infection. Sex waste. So where do these medical wastes from hospitals go? The two people carefully fixed the recovered waste, and directly took the three-wheeled motorcycle to the local waste collection site to collect Zhangzhuang Village. Here, almost every household is doing waste recycling business.

According to informed sources, these medical wastes such as disposable infusion sets are collected at a rate of RMB 1.6 per kilogram according to the price of plastic waste, and then sold at a price of about RMB 2 to a larger waste recycler. Plastic processing plants in the field to process waste plastics. Some of the raw materials processed in this way have even been used to make daily necessities such as basins and cups. There are great safety risks.

Therefore, it is emphasized here that it is hoped that relevant departments can strengthen supervision and management in this area and handle it in strict accordance with national regulations.

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