95 drug prices drop by an average of 17%

95 drug prices drop by an average of 17% Yesterday it was learned from the National Development and Reform Commission that the National Development and Reform Commission has issued a notice deciding to adjust the maximum retail price limit for some anti-tumor, immune and blood system drugs, etc., from a total of 95 varieties and more than 200 representatives. Formulation specifications, the average price reduction rate of 17%.

According to the person in charge of the Development and Reform Commission, the price adjustment plan was formed on the basis of carrying out cost-price surveys, expert review, and hearing opinions from relevant parties. Anti-tumor, immunization and blood system drugs are costly and have a great impact on patients. Lowering prices can effectively reduce the burden on patients.

The person in charge pointed out that this price adjustment has increased the price cuts for drugs with high daily expenses, reduced the prices of drugs with low daily expenses, encouraged the production and supply of drugs with relatively low prices, and appropriately increased the number of blood products with tight clinical supply. The price; appropriate control of patented and innovative drugs such as price cuts, the use of price levers to promote drug research and innovation; the original pricing of drugs alone, further narrowing the price gap with the unified pricing of drugs to promote fair competition in the market.

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