The palatability of fermented feeds was improved. Crude material, such as bran, sweet potato vines, peanut leaves, rice straw, corn cobs, grains, chicken manure, etc., was difficult to be directly fed to pigs. After glycolysis into a biological, odor-saturating, moderate-sweet, and long-lasting bi
Li Zishu originally had the characteristics of tree blossoms and half trees. Its natural result rate is only a few tenths to a few hundredths. What you said is in the middle of agricultural production. The solution is to find the cause of the failure. Don't know where you are from? I say a few
Japanese squash, also known as Western squash, is a new kind of vegetable pumpkin imported from Japan, South Korea and other places as a high-quality pumpkin in recent years. This kind of pumpkin has tight and delicate fleshy texture, sticky or silty, excellent flavor and small fruit size. General
Sprouts have a short production cycle, many varieties, and can quickly meet the needs of the disaster area. Pea seedlings: greenhouses, greenhouses, indoor can be carried out. Selection varieties: green peas, hemp and other varieties; remove broken, deformed, rotten seeds. Soaking: Washing with
The Jinbao Shen Capsule Capsule is very common around us, but the capsule here is very special. He is a saccharomycete capsule, such as Jinbaoshen Capsule, which is a nemesis for many intractable diseases such as diabetes, for various types of cancer and diabetes. Patients with hepatitis, hepatiti
Welcome to our website: 1) After the eggs are removed from the storage room, they must be naturally warmed up in the hatchery. After the temperature of the egg table reaches room temperature, the eggs are incubated in the trays. The position of the tray is the same as that of the storage trays. I
Gao Qi is a European and American hybrid grape variety introduced from Japan. The variety has good yield, early fruiting, high fruit setting rate, 2000 kg/mu in the second year after planting; ear large, conical, average panicle weight 600 g, average grain weight 17 g, maximum grain weight above 20