1 River fish is muddy. You can remove the odor by first cleaning the fish in salt water or using salt. 2 In the summer, some river fish have earthy smells, which affect the taste during cooking. The fish can be washed first and then placed in cold water. A small amount of vinegar is added into the
Botrytis cinerea is one of the most common diseases in the process of raising eggplant and bean vegetables in recent years. After the cotyledons became infected, the leaf margin began to turn green and yellow, and then dehydrated and dried off. The young stems were mostly infected at the nodules, a
At present, high-density industrialized aquaculture of gingiva is flourishing in our country. However, how to survive the high temperature period in summer has become the key to the development of the entire aquaculture production. According to the living habits of gingiva, the appropriate water te
Mushroom long mushroom season is a season with higher temperature, which is unfavorable for fruit body growth and development. Poor management prone to wilt mushrooms. How to use cultivation protection facilities and take appropriate measures to limit the impact of adverse environmental conditions?
The key to selenium-enriched wheat technology lies in the application of selenium-enriched production factors. The application methods are mainly the following two: First, "selenium-enriched production factor" seed dressing technology. Take 250g of selenium-producing factor, dilute it wit
Due to the seasonality of the use of agricultural machinery and the limitations of its own work, a farm implement can only complete one or several kinds of work items within one year, and it only works for a short period of time, and it takes a long time to park and keep it. General agricultural im
The damping-off disease is the main disease of the melon seedlings. In addition to the harmful melons, the eggplant vegetables are also susceptible to damping-off. The nursery period is the most common in protected areas, especially when the temperature is low and the soil moisture is high. This ca