Using rare earth permanent magnets, high-voltage electrostatic fields, and rare earth light source photon radiation technology, the seeds can produce biochemical effects, improve resistance to stress and resistance to pests and diseases, so as to achieve an average yield increase of 10.5%-36.4% fo
When vegetables are sprayed in greenhouses, phytotoxicity may occur due to inaccurate dosage and unsuitable time. When you find misuse or phytotoxicity symptoms, take the following measures quickly to remedy. First, spray water: After the wrong spray of chemicals or the occurrence of phytotoxicity
I. Powder pesticides 1. Use the cautery method. Take appropriate powder pesticides on metal objects and burn them on the fire. If white smoke is observed, the pesticide has not failed. 2. Watering method. It is advisable to add 5.0 g of the drug into a glass and add appropriate amount of water. S
The larger the sheepskin width, the higher the use value, the skin injury should be reduced as much as possible, especially the main parts should be considered from the slaughter to maintain the quality of sheepskin. The traditional method of wiping the neck and slaughter sheep will cause the blood
Meat ducks have the advantages of fast growth, short feeding cycle, easy feeding, and less disease. At present, raising ducks has become one of the most important pillar industries for farmers to increase their income and make a good living. The technical points of duck breeding mainly include the
First, the selected land plot is flat and well-watered, with a groundwater content of 0.2% or less, a neutral soil and high fertility, and a sandy loam soil that does not weigh heavily. Second, select the varieties used in the United States to improve the 502 round onion varieties. Third, nurser
1, pay attention to temperature and light Orchids, fuchsias, geraniums, and other flowers are cool and afraid of high temperatures. They can be placed under pergola or shade and sprayed on the leaf surface. Fuso, Chinese rose, sweet-scented osmanthus and pomegranate need plenty of sunlight. , Sco
Rabbits are herbivores, but not all grasses and wild herbs are suitable for feeding rabbits. Potato pods, tomato pods, larch, nasturtium, ramie, ragweed, wild grape vines, wolf eel, etc. cannot feed rabbits under any circumstances. Yellow and white hibiscus are poisonous when the buds bloom, and