The guinea fowl commonly referred to in China refers to the type of grey guinea fowl, such as French Isabelle. The guinea fowl has good adaptability, strong disease resistance, simple requirements for equipment and premises, resistance to rough feeding, and easy feeding. Therefore, the guinea fowl
Do not make soy milk for too short a time. Boiling boiled soybean milk will appear to boil, when the milk heated to 80 °C will appear when the bubble, and the bubble increases with the temperature rise, some people think that the milk has been boiled. In fact, this is the foam produced when the
The silage produced by Gem silage starter, in addition to the advantages of traditional silage, also increases bacterial protein in the fermentation process, palatability, nutrition, digestibility is also higher and better, so effective The cost of feeding is reduced, and the functional microorgan
Have you ever eaten "fruit dishes"? Autumn fruit dishes can also prevent Qiuzao oh! If the autumn temperatures change, the air is dry, many people easily dry nose and sore throat, dry fire rises. In addition to drinking more water, less spicy and greasy food, but also eat more fruit. Eat
What kind of tea does the dry skin drink in autumn improve? Bodybuilding skin is mainly obtained through the joint action of various factors such as a healthy body, a reasonable diet, and good emotions. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the skin of the five organs, the qi and the blood,
In summer, when it is dry and thirsty, just spend some time, soak in a pot of herbal tea at home or do a little vegetable juice soup at home, not only can relieve replenishment, but also can go to fat. Lotus heart strong heart When summer comes, many people like to use lotus seeds to soak in wat