Agricultural machines are modeled to indicate the type, main features, and basic properties of the machine. Agricultural machinery is divided into 10 categories: 1 for ploughing and soil preparation machinery; 2 for planting and fertilizing machinery; 3 for field management and plant protection mac
Harvested Hericium erinaceus can be sold fresh, sun dried, dried or salted. 1. Sun dried. The fresh Hericium erinaceus harvested will be cut off from the bacteriostatic part and discharged onto the bamboo blinds. The sun will be exposed under the hot sun. The section will be sunburned for one day
Aphids to remove impurities. Fry the locust to take the net locust to set the pot, use gentle heat, stir fry, remove and let cool. Rice fried maggots take net locusts and rice to set the pot, use slow heat, stir fry until the rice is dark yellow for degree. Remove and sieve rice and let cool. E
For a long time, farmhouse granaries have lost 10-15% of food for one year due to insect pests, rat damage, and mold damage, and food can only be preserved for about one year. How to make it not only save food but also extend the shelf life? Not long ago, people in Wangcheng County, Hunan Province
Preservation, Preservation, and Preservation Techniques for Vegetable Storage Abstract Vegetable preservation and preservation technology can be divided into two types, fresh preservation and long-term storage preservation and preservation. Fresh vegetable circulation technology Fresh vegetables co
Almond flower and fruit management Strengthening the comprehensive management of orchards, improving the storage and nutrient levels of trees, and promoting the normal development of flower organs are the basis of flower and fruit management. In young trees, nitrogen fertilizer should be applied
First, eggplant gray mold 1. Symptoms Eggplant leaves, stems, fruit can be affected, the most serious fruit. In the adult plant stage, the leaf margin extends inwardly in a “V” shape. The lesions were watery at the beginning, with irregular edges and pale brown to tan. Infested petals,