1, to create a good lobster growth environment Lobster loves to make holes. Generally, the depth of the cave is 50 to 80cm. Some caves are more than 1m deep. In order to avoid escaping, the aquaculture water body should have a width of 1.5m or more, and a 0.5m high anti-escape should be installed
Loofahs rationally sparge and eliminate the need to reduce the unnecessary consumption of nutrients in the soil and plants, so that they can concentrate on the growth and development of fruits, thereby increasing yield per unit area. Tests have shown that, under the same conditions of other cultiv
Core summary: To take stock of the development trend of the machinery industry in 2007, Cai Weici, vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, summed up the “good and fast” instead of “good and fast”. The reason is “to leave some room for the development
First, choose the best species In the main producing area of ​​autumn scallions in the middle and southern part of our province, we often choose good varieties with good yield, strong disease resistance, and spicy pungent flavors such as chicken and scallions. Second, the mouth arr
Potted yellow mealworms, suitable for the production of 10 kilograms per month, without full-time staff feeding, can use spare time. The breeding equipment is simple and economical (such as the old washbasin, tin box, wooden box, etc.), as long as the container is intact, there is no leakage, the
Core Summary: Feeding: Donkeys are herbivores. Its forage is preferably dry, hard, and crisp crop stalks. For example, corn, millet, bean vines and other hard stalks are cut into short sections of 3-4 cm long with a rake. The most severe bogey is to feed half-dry and forage grass. This kind of for
In order to strengthen the management of rice in the middle and later stages and ensure the high yield and stable production of rice, the following technical points should be mastered: First, do a good job of rice grain fertilizer topdressing work Rational application of granular fertilizer can
1. Whole potato sowing: The cultivation of the autumn potato is sown at a time of high temperature and rainy season in August. The cut sowing is easy to die and the whole potato sowing can be used to reduce the dead weight of the autumn dead, prevent degradation and increase the yield. Seedlings
1. Pruning: According to the survey, timely pruning occurs in the second generation of bollworm, which can reduce the egg number by 40-60%. In the second-generation cotton bollworm field, the field egg and insect storage decreased by 3.8-54.5%, with an average of 27.7%. At the peak of the four gene