Introduction: The water in the mouth should be cleaned. Comprehensive factors can be used to add 5% glucose, norfloxacin, multidimensional, anti-stress drugs, etc., and 2% of milk powder can also be added under conditions. It is advisable to use wet mixes for the foodstuffs. Sprinkle the parboiled
The wood powdery mildew disease mainly damages the leaves. When the damage is severe, it can cause the plants to become weak and the leaves turn yellow and early dry. There were multiple small spots on the front of the early leaves, followed by small spot sinks to synthesize white powdery spots wi
The Chinese big ear yellow rabbit has the characteristics of rapid growth, resistance to rough feeding, strong adaptability and high fertility. It is a medium-sized rabbit breed. Therefore, it is more suitable for the majority of farmers to use the courtyard for open family rearing. First, the ch
Wang Miao frozen: in the return period of the green leaves with wolfberry fruit to promote the growth of the heart; in the day when the average temperature rose to 3 oc, the appropriate early pouring back to Qingshui. Weak seedlings are frozen: pour water back into the water at an appropriate lat
The scientific name is Brachmia macroscopa Meyrick, Lepidoptera. Distribution in North China, East China, Central China, South China, Southwest. Host yam, sweet potato, leeks and other convolvulaceae plants. The characteristics of larvae larvae feeding new leaves, buds into a net, the larvae dri