Generally, after the water is sprayed, the doors and windows are not opened in time to ventilate the air, so that the humidity in the mushroom room is too large, the surface of the water droplets covers the surface of the bacteria and the rust spots are locally generated. Rust-colored spots are sim
1, avoid hot food. Fresh hot foods that have just been caught in a hot pot are not to be imported immediately. They should be eaten in a bowl and eaten colder to avoid burns on the mucous membranes of the mouth and esophagus. If you often eat hot food, it will also destroy the taste of the tongue
Release date: 2010-11-29 The "fusion" of excellence between man and machine proves that we can finally master the technology of creating bionics. In the American superhero TV series "Invincible King Kong" of the 1970s, Steve Austin, starring Lee Mejs, can use bionics to rebu
There are two types of earthworm propagation: seed propagation and cutting propagation Seed breeding: first nursery, and then transplant. 1 Select the site, intensive cultivation, adequate base fertilizer, irrigating the water, so as to achieve fullness, strong ground, flat ground, and no soil pe
Q: I am Yin Junhua from Jiuhua Town, Baihua City. The recent high temperature (10-20 °C), soil moisture in the field, can we use 50% bensulfuron for soil sealing in wheat fields? Can I add 10% Bensulfuron? Is the use of bensulfuron-methyl and sodium 2-methyl-4-chlorosulfate used in paddy fields
In winter, it takes 30-35 days for the leeks to grow from the film to the harvest. Because of the short time, the vegetable growers usually do not spray the film to prevent the disease after covering the membrane. However, because the pods are not ventilated, Humidity, resulting in serious gray mo
1. There are many toxic factors that cause toadstool rearing caused by toxic factors, such as poor feed quality, long-term feeding or a feed to mold and mildew, feed processing modulation method is not appropriate, and some of the feed containing toxic and harmful substances, Such as cottonseed cak