Wool is a keratin protein consisting of 18 amino acids. It is rich in sulfur-containing amino acids and its cystine content can account for 9% to 14% of the total keratin protein. Rumen microbes can use the inorganic sulfur in the feed to synthesize sulphur-containing amino acids to meet the needs
Duck and duck farmers can judge from the following characteristics, and gradually eliminate low-yielding ducks to improve breeding efficiency: First, the breeding period exceeds 3 years; second, the cloacal cavity is small and dry; third, the head is large and the neck is short, and the mouth is sh
The spraying of hormones is prolonged in peanut fields where soil fertility is high and water and fertilizer conditions are good. Under the guidance of agricultural technicians, scientific spraying of hormones can be controlled. Foliar spray fertilizer to prevent premature failure of peanuts has
Grape without frame cultivation is through artificial measures, so that creeping grapes like apple trees upright growth, with the advantages of saving labor, saving money, high efficiency, can increase production by 10% to 20%, save 50% of summer management labor, but also resistant 8 to 10 gale.
Q: Because of years of garlic, the garlic in the field is now sick every year. The garlic is smaller year-on-year. It is useless to change garlic. Is this a problem? What should I do? Answer: Garlic has been cultivated for many years. Many kinds of soil-borne diseases and mantle etc. will increas
The chief culprit of bad breath is bacteria. People thought that the cause of bad breath was digestive organs. But today it has been proven that the odor in the mouth is emitted by microorganisms that inhabit the tongue, teeth and gums. Like humans, bacteria eat our residual food and then excrete