First, production tools: The old mustard cylinder, loquat or straw, small stones, spoons, pots, etc. Second, the process formula: The processing of a pickled vegetable jar of sour pepper as the standard, fresh pepper 10 kg, 10 grams of licorice, pepper 10 grams, 250 grams of candy, 500 grams of
Excessive body size control Many people think that the bigger the type of male rabbit is, the better. This view is one-sided and wrong. The species value of male rabbits does not lie in the appearance of good or bad, but in the high and low breeding ability. This type of male rabbit is too large an
The purpose of cultivating ants is to eat or medicinal, but not all ants can eat, and some ants contain toxic substances such as ant ant, fusel, and lead that are harmful to human health. People can cause nausea after eating. Vomiting, diarrhea, skin allergies and other symptoms. Therefore, artific
Ginger cultivation is simple and cost-effective. In general, the kind of ginger planted under 100 pounds is well managed and can receive 350-400 pounds of fresh ginger, up to 500 pounds high. Here are some technical points to be mastered in ginger cultivation: 1, fine soil preparation. Choose back
Fermenting bed keeps piglets away from diarrhea Xia Yun Abstract : Diarrhea of ​​swine diarrhoeal diseases, especially piglets, is one of the problems that plagues the development of the swine industry. This paper briefly analyzes the root causes of swine diarrheal diseases and poi
1. Rotation of corn and grass crops rotation, the diseased plant rate decreased by 15%, there are still grains in the ear. 2. When the mulching film is covered by the mulching mulching film, the mulching mulching covers the ridging mulching to increase the ground temperature, reduce the humidity
Yam is not only a delicious food, but also a common Chinese medicine, its peaceful nature, has the spleen and stomach, kidney and lung benefits. Yam cultivation is easy to manage, drought-tolerant, insect-free, suitable for sandy soil growth environment. This spring, Pei Jinxiang, a peasant in Xinz
First, pay attention to the temperature of the sunstroke suitable for pregnant pigs is 15 °C ~ 18 °C, therefore, in the summer to first do a good job of sunstroke cooling of pregnant pigs to prevent heat stress. The measures are: all the doors and windows of the pighouse open, so that the ai