The maintenance of agricultural machinery has a significant effect on improving the dynamic and economical efficiency of agricultural machinery. In practice, the use of farm machinery maintenance and maintenance techniques can quickly achieve the goal. 1. Cleverly remove dirt from the fine oil fi
Although aloe vera can also be flowered and seeded, in addition to cultivating new aloe varieties, artificial hybrids and sexual reproduction are generally used for cutting propagation, that is, vegetative propagation. Since vegetative propagation is fast and varieties have excellent characteristic
Growth regulation For gilts (binary hybrids), starting from 30 kg, the diet should contain 13 megajoules of digestible energy, 16% of crude protein, 0.8% of lysine, 0.75% of calcium, and 0.65% of phosphorus. , let it try to eat. From the weight of 45 kg, increase the calcium and phosphorus conten
“I thought that the free medical examination was an old-age welfare activity. I didn't expect that the health products that were bought for nearly 800 yuan would be fake.” Yesterday morning, Aunt Wang, who lives in the family’s home of No. 81 Nongxing Road in Xiâ€
(1) The deep-fertilizing nursery should be deep-falled in the fall of the year, with a depth of 40-50 cm, applying 10,000 kg of farmyard manure per 667 square meters, and 100 kg of phosphate fertilizer. (2) Disinfection of pests and diseases in areas prone to soil fertigation combined with fertil
About 17 yuan a pound of beef, but he pulled a car for 7 dollars a pound of beef. Yesterday, the second patrol police squad seized about 900 pounds of fake beef. At 10.40 a.m. on the morning of the 11th, when Xu Wei, a police officer from the Second Battalion of the Patrol, and his collea