Summer cabbage is listed between summer and autumn. At this time, it is a season when the supply of vegetables is off-season and the benefits are high. Because the summer cabbage germinating period, seedling stage is in hot summer, this period of high temperature and rain, long sunshine, serious pe
First of all, only a few points need to be remembered. It is not very difficult to cultivate herbs: First, know the types of herbs that are cultivated. There are many plants that can be used as herbs, but the most commonly used species are about 10 to 20 species, some of them Aromas are more unacce
Chilli peppers were planted in late May and the plants grew taller if they wanted to continue to make their results. It should be scaffolded to prevent lodging and affect growth. The scaffolding method generally uses a stand with every 1 meter spacing, and an upright column of 1.5 meters long is in
Drip irrigation in greenhouses has many advantages, such as reducing humidity, increasing ground temperature, saving water, saving labor, increasing efficiency, and increasing production. However, in the drip irrigation of greenhouses, there are often problems such as damage of the emitter, pluggin
The black swan is a precious species introduced by me from Australia. It weighs 10 to 15 pounds, dark plumage, dark red mouth, long head and neck, and accounts for about half of the total length of the body. There is a feather that curls like a sail on the wings. It is extremely beautiful and has