The implementation of live pig slaughtering is in line with the practical requirements of safety supervision and circulation of livestock products. The implementation of fixed-point slaughtering can not only increase fiscal revenue, but also improve the quality and safety of meat products. It can
Many fruit tree fertilization methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The pits are covered with fertilization method, ie, digging deep pits in the tree tray, not filling the soil, adding a lid, and applying organic fertilizer and fertilizer in the pit. This method has many advantages
Fertilization is an indispensable part of vegetable cultivation. But fertilization must be done properly, otherwise it will have a series of negative effects. There are many factors that cause cucumber deformity, but the main reason is improper fertilization, so pay attention to the following poin
Although these additives do not contain the nutrients needed by chickens, they have great benefits in promoting the growth and development of chickens, increasing the egg production rate, and enhancing disease resistance and feed storage. Its types include antibiotic additives, insect repellent he