How to keep your stomach warm in the winter

Eating less, eating too late, and overeating almost all have become your norm? So stomach problems will of course become your daily routine! Chinese medicine believes that the winter is the best "cultivation" season, the body can effectively save enough energy and nutrients, but also the best time to stomach. Take this opportunity to properly nurse your stomach so that it can face the food of the coming year in the best possible condition after "hibernation"!

At the end of the year, you are overwhelmed by the entertainment, and your stomach health is lit up! Chinese medicine believes that winter is the time to store energy and energy, and the essence and energy must be transformed through the functions of digestion and absorption of the stomach. Therefore, winter is the most important time for stomach feeding. By grasping this critical moment, we will be able to successfully transform the nutrients that have been added into the essence needed by the adult body. From now on, we will begin to raise the stomach in winter!

1, soda crackers snacks, reduce the burden on the stomach

There are always snacks in the office, with potato chips, breads, cakes and cookies. But can these snacks help the stomach? The heat of chips, breads and cakes is too high. In fact, soda crackers are the best choice. When you are hungry or uncomfortable, you can use one or two biscuits to cover your stomach. It is very useful. Soda crackers are alkaline foods that neutralize excessive stomach acid in the stomach and avoid the pain of hunger. It is a good helper for stomach nutrition.

2, face the sun, take a deep breath!

Our country has passed down a method of health care, called the Tuna method. Tuna method is very suitable for female stomach, it is through respiratory guidance, fully mobilize the potential ability of the spleen and stomach to resist the invasion of the disease.

Sunlight method

Choose a comfortable position, sit, stand or lie down, put your hands on the abdomen, and put your hands on your abdomen. Focus on the navel, the palms of your feet, etc., then breathe through your mouth and exhale. When you exhale, make a "call" sound. The sound shouldn't be too large. Every time 10 to 30 breathe. It is best to do exercises every morning in front of the balcony or in front of the window to absorb fresh air and sufficient yang in the sun to balance the yin and yang in the stomach and warm the stomach, so as to achieve the goal of enhancing stomach power.

3, stomach porridge warm stomach nutrition

The porridge is easy to digest, which makes the stomach less burdensome. Recommended several stomach porridge to you: millet porridge, red dates porridge, preserved egg porridge, rice pudding. Eight-treasure porridge contains peanuts, almonds, red beans, black rice, red dates, and so on. It has a higher calorie content and is rich in protein, fat, and other nutrients. It is even more beneficial to the stomach. "Stomach porridge" also do not drink too much, porridge more water, to the stomach easy to dilute gastric juice, easy to cause stomach swelling, is not conducive to digestion and absorption, so drink up to two bowls of porridge every day; do not drink hot porridge, Because of the high temperature on the stomach stimulation.

4, knock teeth, prevent gastric aging

Aging begins with the stomach, and the health of the stomach is related to the teeth. Dental caries can prevent stomach aging and help digestion. The oral cavity is the place where fluids are produced. Dental caries are like chewing. They can make saliva. In the process of caries, they frequently swallow saliva into the stomach. Digestive enzymes in the saliva can help digestion.

100 lower jaw gear

This action can refer to the effect of the winter when the teeth are trembling. The body is relaxed, the lips are lightly closed, and the upper and lower teeth are gently and rhythmically touched. Each time they are 60-100, they can attack 2 or 3 times a day. The tooth decay method can also promote blood circulation around the teeth, increase facial exercises, stimulate the brain to work actively, and there are many advantages!

5, 9 must eat breakfast before!

It's too late to get up late in winter. To avoid being late and dressing up, save breakfast! Chinese medicine does not think this is absolutely necessary! To know that the morning 7 to 9 o'clock is the stomach "on duty" when working, if there is no food in the stomach, it can only idle, no nutrition can absorb. Because of the lack of this part of the stomach work, when it comes to the work of other organs, it can not be carried out in an orderly manner. Cholecystitis and gallstones are also born. So no matter how busy you are in the morning, remember to fill your stomach!

6, ease the body and mind, improve stomach power

TCM believes that stomach problems are closely related to people's emotions and mentality. Excessive mental stress, anxiety, and irritation can stimulate stomach and digestive functions. To work and work in winter, please go to the country for a few days during your annual vacation, or listen to music at home to read a book and find your own repose method.

7, aerobic exercise twice a week to promote gastric motility

People who have stomach problems must combine their own physical characteristics and perform appropriate exercises. Try to do aerobic exercise 2 or 3 times a week. For every half an hour, it is recommended to do something like yoga or Pilates to help relieve gastrointestinal motility in gentle stretching and twisting exercises. Stress to prevent stomach discomfort.

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