Fermented bed pigs have high and low temperature

At present, the pig-breeding technology in the fermentation bed has been deeply rooted in people's minds, not only making it easier for users to raise pigs, but also providing better benefits. When they first started to use the fermentation bed, there was a small question: "In the fermentation bed, why are some places high in temperature, and in some places there is a low temperature?" Now explain this phenomenon to the general users.
In fact, during the initial promotion of the fermentation bed, the technical experts of the Gymboree dry fermentation bed had studied this issue and gave this question a good name, called: "The niece is married" theory, refers to : Fermentation beds have different fermentation conditions, different fermentation rates, different fermentation rates, different fermentation rates, different fermentation rates, and different fermentation conditions. status. Since the fermentation is affected by different conditions such as temperature, humidity, oxygen, and nutrients, the rate of growth and reproduction of functional microbial species in the fermentation bed is not the same, that is to say, “the condition is good and fermentation is first, and the condition is poor after the fermentation; Fermentation, unconditional post-fermentation, all will have high and low temperatures in the fermentation bed.
Correct understanding of the mechanism of “marrying a prostitute first” is of great significance. It can help the user to select the right kind of bacteria. According to the circumstances of the housing, it is necessary to artificially regulate the fermentation intensity, which can help the user save resources, and it is also conducive to the proper maintenance and management of the fermentation bed. Costs can effectively avoid risks, similar to the phenomenon of “marrying a prostitute first” in our daily life (the phenomenon of girls who grow well and are in good condition first marries). This phenomenon is both good and bad and has two sides. When a partial quick start of fermentation is required, this imbalance can even be left to artificially create local favorable conditions to form a rapid fermentation situation in a small area where the fermentation bed is in good condition; when simultaneous fermentation of the entire bed is needed, we can also use artificial The method of “slimming and thinning”, such as increasing the tipping over, mixing evenly, supplementing nutrition, etc., makes it possible to form a balanced fermentation situation as soon as possible. Of course, in the spring and autumn seasons, when it is not necessary to particularly speed up the fermentation or the balanced fermentation, it can also be natural, and the time is a bit longer, and the fermentation bed itself will naturally form a balanced fermentation.
To sum up the above: users in the beginning of the use of the fermentation bed will inevitably be due to the uneven spread of bacteria and other issues, resulting in uneven fermentation of litter, uneven temperature in some areas of high and low phenomenon. Users do not have to worry about, as long as the litter in the fermentation bed is trampled by pigs, arched food, and man-made tipping, and running for a period of time, the fermentation bed will naturally start fermentation and the temperature will remain the same. Years of practice have proved that: regardless of the seasons, the temperature of the surface layer of the Jinbao dry-type fermentation bed can be maintained at about 20 degrees. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website: http://shop35396982.taobao.com

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