Winter Health Tips

Winter Health Tips After eating more than 3 foods to eat white food, the fire started to heat in most parts of the north after the winter began. The dry air in the room can make people “get angry”, so you can eat more white food. Chinese medicine believes that the lifting of heat and more use of the law, according to the principle of five elements and five colors, white food is the best anti-hot.

When cooking, you can choose white radish, cabbage, melon, lily, white fungus, lotus root and so on. Among them, cabbage and radish have the best efficacy and are the most affordable supplements. However, people with cold stomach should eat less during the winter.

Eating cows and lamb can keep warm. People who are afraid of cold can also eat carrots, taro, and other root vegetables rich in inorganic salts, as well as iodine-containing foods such as kelp, seaweed, and spinach. Studies have found that chilling is related to the lack of inorganic salts and iodine in the body. Women can eat more iron-rich foods such as animal liver, lean meat, and spinach.

For the elderly and children with poor immunity, cold is the greatest threat to health. Therefore, it is necessary to add some high-quality protein during this period of time. The protein content of soybeans is the highest, and the protein content of fish, shrimp, Eggs, peanuts, and walnuts is also abundant.

Warm 3 Head Warming The head is exposed to cold stimulation. The blood vessels will contract and the head muscles will become tight. This can cause headaches, colds and even gastrointestinal discomfort.

Warm and cold back stimuli can affect the local muscles or viscera through the points on the back and endanger health. In addition to back pain caused by back pain, the back of the cold can also affect the muscles and joints and viscera of the upper and lower limbs through the cervical and lumbar vertebrae, promote all kinds of discomfort.

Once the foot is warm, the feet can reflexively cause contraction of capillaries in the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, and the cilia swing slows and the resistance decreases. The consequence is that viruses and bacteria take advantage of it and multiply, causing people to catch a cold.

With 3 water, warm water: Brushing The investigation of dental ecology by medical experts shows that human teeth can undergo normal metabolism at the oral cavity temperature of 35-36.5 degrees Celsius. If the teeth are often stimulated by sudden heat, it will cause bleeding and paralysis of the pulp for a long time, and even lead to periodontitis, gingivitis and other diseases. Therefore, the use of warm water containing about 35 degrees Celsius, is conducive to dental health, but also conducive to the removal of food debris and bacteria in the tooth gap, to achieve dental cleaning teeth, reduce the purpose of oral diseases.

Cold water: wash your face in winter, facial skin due to low temperature stimulation, capillary contraction. When you wash your face with hot water, it feels warm at the time. Once the calories are lost, the capillaries return to their original shape. Such a rise and contraction will easily make the facial skin wrinkle. In the morning, I washed my face with cold water. Cold water stimulation can improve facial blood circulation and increase skin elasticity. The role of winter health care is also to: enhance the body's ability to keep out cold, prevent colds and rhinitis, and it is also beneficial for those with neurological debilitating headaches. Of course, the temperature of cold water should not be too low, and it is better to be slightly higher than 10 degrees Celsius.

Hot water: feet before going to bed with hot water bathing at 55-70 degrees Celsius, both lack of relief, but also help sleep. There are many points on the body's feet, soaked in hot water, Shujin active, accelerate blood circulation, play a role in preventing disease, especially for patients with frostbite, foot varicose veins.

Enzyme Cream

2.3 After fermentation Orange (Orange made enzyme solution navel orange), seized after the hand, breaking and other processes made of navel orange sauce.

Effects: lung, spleen shun gas, without any food additives, preservatives, is the first choice of children and senior citizens.

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