DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven product installation and commissioning

DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven product installation and commissioning 1. Do not use force on the glass during transportation, and do not hit the cabinet.

2. After the equipment is grounded, it should be placed as stable as the ground is uneven.

3. Please do not use the instrument in direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity.

4. The equipment should be kept away from the electromagnetic interference source and the grounding wire of the equipment should be effectively grounded.

5. When the equipment is in normal operation, the contents of the box should not be placed on the inner wall.

6, the power cord should not be close to the back, do not let the instrument or other items on the power line, so as not to damage the power cord 7, the manufacturer between the vacuum box and the pump is recommended to cross the filter to prevent moisture from entering the vacuum pump.

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