Home medical devices begin to develop in small size

With the gradual aging of China, household medical device products have become hot, and the sales share has increased a lot in recent years. The home monitoring application of medical devices is one of the important development trends. The large-scale medical equipment that was originally used only in large hospitals will show a trend of miniaturization, low cost, and ease of use, in order to meet the needs of the construction of primary medical institutions, in addition to the existing home blood glucose meters and blood pressure testing. Outside the instrument, equipment such as electrocardiographs will also enter the home.

Jerry Smith, director of the US National Patent Office, pointed out recently that the US medical device industry is increasingly developing the trend of miniaturization and portable medical device products. With the increasing miniaturization of electronic components, various medical devices such as dialysis machines, ventilators, and suction devices are likely to be portable, eliminating the need for patients to seek medical problems.

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