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Hydromorphone hydrochloride injection approved On December 5, Wuhan Renfu Medicine Group Co., Ltd. announced that the State Food and Drug Administration has approved the issuance of a drug registration approval document for hydromorphone hydrochloride injection.

Hydromorphone hydrochloride is a nationally-developed national class III new drug exclusively developed by Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Wuhan Renfu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. It is an anesthetic analgesic and has been widely used in clinics abroad.

According to the announcement, hydromorphone hydrochloride injection has three specifications, including 2ml: 2mg of new drug certificate number is Guoyao certificate word H20120062, approval number is Guoyao standard H20120100, and specification is 5ml: 5mg new drug certificate number is Guoyao The certificate letter H20120057, the approved document number is the national drug standard H20120094; the specification is 10ml: 10mg, the new drug certificate number is the national drug certificate word H20120058, and the approval document number is the national drug code H20120095.

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