About Sweet-scented Osmanthus Sweet and Garlic Processing Technology

(1) Process sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus and soup ↓ ↓
Material selection→pretreatment→soaking→drainage→primary pickling→air drying→installing altar→mounting mouth→rolling altar→deflation→finished product (2) Ingredients White garlic 40kg, salt 2.5kg, sugar 16.5kg, vinegar 800g, sweet-scented osmanthus 400g.
(3) Operation points 1 Selection of materials. Selection of pest-free, lesions of white garlic petals as raw materials. Cut away the root and cut the stem (leave 1cm).
2 cleaning, soaking. First wash, soak in water after 7d, soak 3d for 1 water, after the sun 6h. Then put the marinated garlic on the altar, add sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus, and then pour 9kg of pre-cooked soup (8kg of clear water, 800g of vinegar, and 900g of salt). One banana leaf, one tarpaulin, and one white cloth were used to tightly seal the altar mouth and placed in a cool place. The altar was rolled once a day to promote the dissolution of sugar and uniform absorption of garlic. The altar is vented once every 1d, 6h after each exposure, and 40d later.
(4) Osmanthus lisianthus quality index 1 sensory index. (a) Appearance. Light yellow, beautiful and attractive color, uniform size, no impurities. (b) taste. The aroma of osmanthus is rich, the garlic is delicate, the sweet surface is slightly sour and salty, and there is no smell of garlic.
2 physical and chemical indicators. Total acid (in lactic acid juice) ≤ 2.00g per 100g, total sugar (in glucose juice) ≥ 30.00g per 100g, salt (calculated in terms of sodium chloride) ≤ 10.00g per 100g, arsenic ≤ 0.5mg/kg, Lead ≤ 0.1mg/kg.
3 health indicators. (a) E. coli colony ≤ 30 per 100 g; (b) pathogenic bacteria may not be detected.

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Pharmaceutical factory: sterile rooms, laboratories.

Food and beverage factory: production workshop, packaging workshop, sterile room.

Public places: meeting rooms, hotels, entertainment venues, office.  

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Infection Control Sterilization

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