How to determine the oil change period of diesel engine oil

Determining the oil change period of the diesel engine oil is very important. Changing the oil too late will accelerate the mechanical wear, and premature oil changes will cause waste. The oil change period is generally carried out according to the instructions, but due to the direct relationship between the oil change period and the technical condition of the diesel engine, the conditions of use, and the quality of the oil, it should be handled flexibly according to the specific circumstances. If the technical condition of the locomotive is poor and the oil quality is not good, the oil should be changed in advance.

Here are two ways to determine the oil change period.

1. The new oil and the used oil are compared with each other on a white filter paper. If there are more black spots in the used oil drops, it indicates that the oil is not deteriorating and should not be replaced; if the oil is dark brown, it is deteriorated. Should be replaced.

2. Use two glass test tubes, 0.5 cm in diameter and 20 cm in length, and fill in 19 cm of new oil and used engine oil. Seal the two tubes and invert them at the same time to record the rising time of bubbles. If the difference between the two exceeds 20 % indicates that the viscosity of used oil drops too much and should be replaced.

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