Piglet health care "four off"

The growth and development of suckling piglets is rapid, and the metabolism of the animals is strong, but their physiological adjustment ability is poor, the development of digestive organs is not perfect, and the volume is small. For this reason, according to the physiological characteristics and nutritional requirements of piglets, four must be put.

Improve the survival rate and increase the survival rate After piglets are born, they must try their best to get sufficient colostrum as soon as possible. This is the key to ensure the healthy growth of the piglets; prevention of cold and pressure is the key to improving the survival rate of the suckling piglets. First, the nipples should be fixed so that the colostrum must be eaten within 2 hours after birth. The protein content of colostrum is relatively high, and contains a large amount of albumin and globulin as well as phospholipids, enzymes and hormones, which can improve the disease resistance of piglets. The nipple in the first half of the sow has a strong milk secretion. The weak piglet can be fixed on the first half of the nipple, and the strong piglet can be fixed on the second half of the nipple. This will enable the piglets to grow evenly. The work of fixing the nipple must be patient and not start smoothly. After repeated artificial fixation for 2 to 3 days, the piglets themselves can be fixed. In addition, we must also do a good job of protecting against cold and pressure to protect piglets.

In order to control the incidence of diarrhea, the incidence of diarrhea was divided into three types: yellow peony, white peony and red peony, but more common in white leeches. Causes of piglets diarrhea are many reasons, such as improper feeding and management, malnutrition, abrupt climate change, rain and humidity. Therefore, the ration of the nursing sow must be properly matched, the nutritional level should be appropriate, and vitamins, minerals and trace elements should be added. Should always pay attention to keep the circle clean, dry, winter should pay attention to often replace the bedding, do house warm, pay attention to changes in the weather, to avoid the incidence of piglets rickets.

Feeding good feeds to improve the feeding of piglets for weaning litter should adopt different feeding methods based on the physiological characteristics of piglets in different periods. Generally, they can be divided into training periods (10-20 days) and adaptation periods (15-30 days). Age) and vigorous food period (from pig feed to weaning). In these three periods, it is required to make an early admission of material, shorten the period of adaptation, extend the period of vigorous food, increase the feed intake of piglets, enable the piglets to eat more quickly, and increase the weaning weight. To select the feed with good flavor and palatability to the piglets, the feeding method should adopt a gradual and gradual transition; the feed must adopt various combinations and the nutrition should be rich; the number of feeds should be more. In addition, attention should be paid to the supplementation of minerals to provide sufficient clean drinking water for the piglets.

Turn off the weaning and increase the number of annual production. Under normal feeding and management conditions, the piglets are weaned at 60 days of age. In order to increase the number of litters per year of the sow, it is possible to improve the number of litters in the rearing and management conditions and to facilitate breeding. To 45-55 days weaned. There are two methods for weaning piglets: One is a weaning method, which means weaning all litters on the same day at a predetermined weaning time; the other is weaning, which is 3 to 5 days before weaning , to reduce the number of breastfeeding daily to the scheduled date for weaning.

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