Spring Reservoir Fish Stocking Technique

Reservoirs have low investment and quick effects, and generally do not feed or fertilize fish. Fish rely mainly on ingesting aquatic organisms. Reservoir fish farming should consider the type and amount of bait in the water, so that the number and species of stocked fish species can be adapted accordingly.

1, stocking fish

The amount of plankton in the reservoir is large, and the diet of the filter-feeding fish is rich, while in the filter-feeding fish, the growth of the cockroaches and cockroaches is fastest, the individual is large, and the source of the seed is wide. It is the main stocking target. In order to make full use of other bait resources, it is also possible to store omnivorous species such as grasshoppers, earthworms, and herbivorous species (such as grass carp, cockroach, oyster, etc.) that are mainly based on benthic animals, but care should be taken not to put them in more, and they must not be stocked as main fish. .

2, stocking specifications and quality

Reservoir fish should have large specifications and be physically strong, which is the basis for high yields. The body length of the carp and the carp is 11.55~13.22 centimeters, the carp 13.2~14.85 centimeters, and the carp and carp 6.6~8.25 centimeters. Can also be based on local conditions of production of seedlings, the size of the reservoir, the degree of damage to ferocious fish and other flexible. For reservoirs with good production conditions, small reservoirs and little harm to ferocious fish, the species may be smaller. On the contrary, there is a large length requirement and the constitution of fish species cannot be ignored. Good quality fingerlings can increase survival.

3, with the proportion

In order to make full and reasonable use of various types of natural food resources in the reservoir, the proportion of various types of fish that are put into the reservoir should be appropriate. As a main cultured fish, 恪 VII 阌 嫉 嫉 嫉 嗤 嗤 嗤 阒 阒 阒 SPAN SPAN SPAN lang = EN-US> 70% ~ 90% (鳙 60% ~ 70%, 鲢 30% ~ 40%) . Other fish stocked with stocking, such as grass carp, alfalfa, cockroach, and other herbivorous fish, can account for 10% to 30% of the number of fish species. How much should be stocked, on the one hand, should be based on the corresponding bait resources in the library, and on the other hand on the condition of the supplementary population that they naturally reproduce in the library.

4, stocking density

According to the extent of the bait resource in the library, it is generally necessary to maintain a dynamic balance between the fish population in the reservoir and the natural bait. The stocking densities of the common extensive and extensive culture reservoirs can be determined by referring to their nutrient types. The trophic type 110~160 tails/667 meters 2, the middle-nutrient type 80~110 tails/667 meters 2, the oligotrophic type 50~80 tails/667 meters 2. Of course, reasonable stocking densities need to be adjusted depending on various fish growth rates and annual production.

5, restocking time and place

In early spring, stocking is conducted when the water temperature is 6~10°C. Therefore, it is not a season of fierce fish activity. After the fish species have suffered less storage and the fish species have been adapted to winter, they will be able to grow in spring. The deployment sites were selected from the upper reaches of the reservoir area where sheltering winds are sunny and where natural foods are abundant. If the reservoir area is large and the amount of fish to be put in is large, more can be put in.

6, delivery precautions

The stocking needs to be carried out on a sunny day. When entering the water, it should be poured slowly so that it can freely swim into the water. When conditions permit, the fish species can be sterilized and disease-prevented before the storage, and the fish species can be soaked in salt of 25-40 g/L for 5 to 10 minutes, and then the fish species can be put into the reservoir to facilitate the health of the fish.

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