Winter Seedling Management of Vegetables

Winter Management

I. Seedling management

After emergence, attention should be paid to ventilating and evacuating. When the seedlings grow the first true leaves, they should pay attention to pest control and treatment. One to two sprays of hymexazil and avermectin can be sprayed to prevent damping-off and aphids and aphids. One-to-two manual weeding is required halfway. Note that medication is administered every 7 days.

Second, the transplant seedlings will be installed in the nutrient soil nutrition cup, if it is heated with electric hotline, you should first set the electric hotline below. For transplanting seedlings, 100 grams of carbendazim and 0.2% of monobasic potassium phosphate per 100 grams of water were used as the rooting water. The nutrition cup must be placed neatly, and there should be no lodging. Transplanting seedlings should be carried out in greenhouses. After planting, they should be covered with a small greenhouse film insulation.

Third, practice seedling transplanting seedlings turn green, take root after going to practice seedlings. The method of practicing seedlings should be based on the growth of the seedlings. The growth is good and the air temperature is high. Ventilation should be fully opened on both sides of the greenhouse film and the greenhouse (both sides), but pay attention to prevent cold air from directly hurting the seedlings from below.

When practicing seedlings, the principle of “having less ventilation on cloudy days, more ventilation on sunny days, and not ventilating on rainy days” should be followed in order to make the seedlings strong, tidy, and not leggy.

4. In the coldest weather in January, seedling protection is the most likely period for seedlings to die. At this time we must pay attention to the temperature within the shed can not be lower than 5 °C for a long time, otherwise the seedlings will be irreversibly frozen damage.

Fifth, to promote the root in order to speed up the seedlings, mentioning the morning market, from January 10 to 30 should be promoted to raise roots. The method is to move the nutrient cups and seedlings to a hot or hot bed or a greenhouse. (Special technical guidance for Chengdu Kunshan Urban Mu Vegetable Base)

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