Wireless sensing "smart underwear" aimed at the silver hair market

Release date: 2006-12-04

Wireless Sensing "Smart Underwear" Targets Silver Hair Markets American researchers are developing "smart underwear" made of high-tech fabrics. This kind of special underwear is for the elderly, and can monitor the physical data of the wearer's heartbeat in real time. If an emergency situation is found, it will promptly report the alarm.
According to experts attending the Senior Care Symposium held in Perth, Australia, “smart underwear” uses special fibers with wireless sensing function, and its technology is still improving. In a few years, this underwear can even be used. First aid for the elderly who have a heart attack.
Researchers pointed out that in Europe and the United States, as the "baby boomer" generation gradually became older after World War II, the application of new technologies in aged care was becoming more common. In addition to underwear with first-aid functions, there are also marketplaces for elderly people who have nursing functions. For example, they will remind you to sit down and rest in time, and prevent shoes from falling. Shanghai Medical Devices

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