2A 4 chlorine can be applied in wheat fields

Q: I am Yin Junhua from Jiuhua Town, Baihua City. The recent high temperature (10-20 °C), soil moisture in the field, can we use 50% bensulfuron for soil sealing in wheat fields? Can I add 10% Bensulfuron? Is the use of bensulfuron-methyl and sodium 2-methyl-4-chlorosulfate used in paddy fields for cornfields? Answer: Isoproturon, bensulfuron methyl, and 2-methyl-4-chlorophenol can be applied in wheat fields. The application of isoproturon will reduce the cold resistance and frost resistance of the wheat seedlings. The severe frosted wheat seedlings are susceptible to freezing injury after application. Generally, no serious frost weather is required within 1 week after application. The frost usually occurs when the minimum temperature falls to 5°C, and severe frost occurs when the minimum temperature drops below 0°C. Production can pay attention to the weather forecast before application, generally as long as the application of frost within 1 week after the application does not occur, that is, the minimum temperature within 1 week is not less than 5 °C, you can use normal iridone. Mixture products applied to wheat fields, such as Jiangsu Kudak's dry song 50% benzimidacone WP, should generally be used according to their product instructions, not blindly add other herbicides. If you want to improve the control effect on broad-leaved weeds, you can consider adding tribenuron-methyl rather than bensulfuron-methyl, which will help expand the grass-killing spectrum and improve the control effect of certain weeds. Both rice and wheat are grass crops, and many herbicides are suitable for the weed control of both crops. The bensulfuron-methyl, 2a-methyl-chloro- sodium product used for paddy fields is registered. If the quality is reliable, especially if no other hidden ingredients are added, it can usually be applied in wheat fields. When the dosage is adjusted according to the situation, for example, bensulfuron is generally easy to exert its efficacy in paddy field and other paddy fields, and the dosage is relatively small; however, it is not easy to exert efficacy in a dry field environment such as wheat fields, and it is necessary to increase the dosage appropriately.

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