Leek before coating to prevent gray mold and disease

In winter, it takes 30-35 days for the leeks to grow from the film to the harvest. Because of the short time, the vegetable growers usually do not spray the film to prevent the disease after covering the membrane. However, because the pods are not ventilated, Humidity, resulting in serious gray mold and epidemic diseases of leek, has a great impact on the yield and quality of leek, and the benefits are greatly reduced. Therefore, vegetable farmers must first prevent gray mold and disease before coating.

Because botrytis is a weakly parasitic pathogen, it mainly infects the site of necrosis of plants. Therefore, before covering the leeks, the vegetable cultivators must remove all the leeks of the leeks that have died from the yellow peony in the locusts to reduce the infection path of the gray mold after decaling. At the same time, due to the short production time of the leeks, the plants grow quickly. It is not easy to infect botrytis. After all the dead stems in the cockroach have been cleaned up, 65% Methionine Wettable Powder should be used in the cocoons. Mix well with the appropriate amount of 3 kg/mu of fine soil and apply evenly. To the surface can be.

For the disease, it starts from the lower part of the plant, especially the pseudo-stem and bulb. The pseudo-stem disease easily causes the leaves to fall off, and the damage to the bulb will cause the root plate to be rot-like and rot, affecting the storage of nutrients in the plant, which in turn will cause the new leaves to be weak. Therefore, the vegetable farmers can use 72% of manganese zinc urea wettable powder 700 times or 69% of ank manganese zinc 600 times to prevent rooting before coating.

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