Three bogey to eat hot pot

1, avoid hot food.

Fresh hot foods that have just been caught in a hot pot are not to be imported immediately. They should be eaten in a bowl and eaten colder to avoid burns on the mucous membranes of the mouth and esophagus. If you often eat hot food, it will also destroy the taste of the tongue, reduce the taste and affect appetite. In addition, over-heated foods are also harmful to gums and teeth and can easily cause allergic dental diseases.

2, avoid raw food.

All main ingredients must be boiled and boiled. Lettuce and raw meat must be cooked and then eaten so as to kill the bacteria or parasite eggs in the raw food and prevent the occurrence of intestinal diseases. Such as: Beef, pork slices, sometimes parasitic worms or larvae of Trichinella spiralis, if swallowed unsoiled such pigs, beef, larvae will enter the human body, develop into adults in the small intestine. Parasitic larvae of liver flukes may also be present on fish fillets. People eat half-baked fillets, and the larvae enter the body's bile duct and develop into adult worms that cause liver flukes.

3, avoid too spicy.

Use spicy seasoning to be appropriate. Due to spicy irritant, spicy foods can cause damage to the gastric mucosa. Patients with tuberculosis, acne, stomach and duodenal ulcers should eat less or eat spicy food.

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