To increase the production of tomato in winter greenhouses must prevent abnormal fruit

The yield of tomato is relatively stable, and it is welcomed by farmers and the public. Therefore, the cultivation area in the winter greenhouse is more than 50% of the total vegetable area.

Tomatoes are cultivated in protected areas and require suitable temperatures and sufficient light. The growth temperature of tomato is 8-32°C, the suitable temperature is 12-30°C, especially the 15cm ground temperature should reach 16°C or more. Tomato light time is about 8 hours, adequate light can make tomato flower bud differentiation normal, flowering fruit set rate is high, if coupled with reasonable watering, the fruit can make the rapid enlargement, coloring.

However, tomato cultivation in cold, deep winter, there will be empty fruit, cracked fruit and other malformed fruit every year, not only directly affect the yield, but also affect the quality of the product. In order to reduce the production of malformed fruit, the temperature should be controlled within a suitable range from fruit enlargement to coloration. From late December to late February, the temperature must be controlled at 8-10°C in the morning, 28°C in the morning, 26°C in the afternoon, and 10°C in the evening at 20°C. . The lowest temperature can not be lower than 8 °C, too low temperature will directly affect the decline in temperature. If the ground temperature is less than 12°C, even if there is nutrients or moisture in the soil, it is difficult to be absorbed by the tomato root system. Therefore, increasing ground temperature is the primary measure to increase production.

Followed by reasonable fertilizer. During the expansion of tomatoes, combine top dressing with watering to topdressing, and then apply Luhong to fertilize A+B. Once in 10-15 days, use 10-15 kilograms each time. After watering, increase the temperature in the shed in time, and reach 33°C in the morning. Exhaled, the temperature dropped to 25°C in the afternoon and it was lowered to 21°C in the evening. The purpose of raising the greenhouse temperature is to increase the temperature of the soil, promote the absorption of nutrients, reduce malformed fruit, and avoid empty fruit. At the same time, in combination with disease prevention, Luhong Huisheng Lu, Luhong Calcium, or Luhong Jinkela can be used to promote fruit enlargement. When the tomato grows to the white mature stage, it can be used to spray the king of the fruit of Lu Hong, which can promote coloration, improve quality, and reduce empty fruit.

Finally, we must pay attention to controlling botrytis and diseases in time. During the winter, tomatoes are prone to gray mold and epidemics. They must be prevented during the flowering period, and they should be added with Sequoia when they are on the flower, and thiophanate-methyl, or Baitai when they are sprayed. The disease must be mainly prevention, and it is difficult to control once the disease occurs.

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