Breeding cultivation techniques

There are two types of earthworm propagation: seed propagation and cutting propagation

Seed breeding: first nursery, and then transplant. 1 Select the site, intensive cultivation, adequate base fertilizer, irrigating the water, so as to achieve fullness, strong ground, flat ground, and no soil pests. 2 Select good varieties, spray 800 times with new high fat film before sowing (can repel underground pests, isolate virus infection, do not affect germination and ingestion function, strengthen respiratory intensity, increase seed germination rate), and then use wet sand. (1:3) Block evenly, set the germination at room temperature of 20°C, and sow again with time. 3 Seedling management. After emergence, it is necessary to timely watering and fertilizing according to soil moisture and plant requirements, and timely set seedlings. Should remove the side buds and picking hearts of young plants in time to accelerate the growth of trunk and upper lateral branches to ensure robust plant type. 4 pay attention to the prevention and control of pests and diseases. 5 can transplant garden transplanting. When raising seedlings, we should pay attention to selecting strong seedlings and treating the roots with a new high-fat membrane 800 times solution, which can effectively protect the apical root sheath of seedlings, prevent virus infection, restore physiological vitality, and shorten the seedling-reducing period.

Cutting propagation: On the fine mother plant, cut a thick, 0.3-cm-year-old wooded annual branch, cut into 18-20-cm-long cuttings, and tie it into a small bundle and soak it in the pot with a new high fat film 800 times. 3h, and then cutting, inserted in the ditch by 6-10cm oblique spacing, real soil practical. Spraying a new high fat film can effectively prevent the ground water from evaporating, seedling body water from transpiration, isolating pests and diseases, shortening the seedling period, quickly adapting to the new environment, and growing healthily. (Chongqing Teachers College according to the wind)

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