Scientific fertilization of fruit trees

“Shuangbao” brand tree-specific fertilizer, biofermented chicken manure and highly activated humic acid are used as organic matter, and according to the characteristics of nutrients required for fruit tree growth, reasonable nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and chelated micro-amounts are added. Elements (such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other trace elements chelated, the utilization rate can be increased by more than 20 times), and living biological additives, so that apple production significantly improved, quality improved, early color, good gloss, taste Good, but also can reduce or eliminate the physical diseases such as bitter pox, lobular disease, yellow leaf disease. "Shuangbao" fruit tree fertilizer is divided into two types of basic fertilizer and enlarged coloring fertilizer. The basic fertilizer was applied in spring and autumn, and the enlarged coloring fertilizer was applied during apple enlargement. With high apple yields and large nutrient requirements, it is only necessary to supplement the nutrients needed for growth in order to ensure yield and improve quality. Therefore, balanced fertilization is the key to apple production. The fertilization of fruit trees should be based on basic fertilizers. The best application time is autumn, and the amount of fertilizer should account for 60 to 70% of the annual fertilization amount. Autumn fertilization is best carried out immediately after the fruit is picked. At this time, the tree is depleted of nutrients due to the load, and it is in a state of losing fertilizer. At this time, it is the rapid growth period of the root system, and the leaves have no aging, which is the absorption of nutrients. Photosynthesis, production of nutrients and a large amount of backflow stored in the flower buds, roots, tree body a good time, so that the next year full bloom, flowering, fruit set, fruit. The application of "Shuangbao" brand fruit tree base fertilizer can produce 2.5~3kg per kilogram of fruit (20% of the column can be applied to 3~4kg). It should be applied by ditching, the ditch depth should be 20~25cm, and it should be watered after application. . After sufficient application of autumn fertilizer, the spring fruit trees should be supplemented once before flowering. The fertilization should be based on nitrogen fertilizer to ensure the growth of the leaves and the development of spring shoots. Each plant can apply urea 0.5 ~ 1kg. The application of "Shuangbao" fruit tree basic fertilizer shall be supplemented with reference to the amount of autumn fertilizer. After 7 to 8 months, Apple entered an expansion period. During this period, low-phosphorus, low-nitrogen, and high-potassium fertilizers should be used. At the same time, calcium and magnesium fertilizers should be used to reduce the occurrence of physical diseases such as bitter pit disease, and increase fruit production. Finish and color, increase sugar content, improve quality, increase production. This fertilizer can be applied to the "Shuangbao" brand enlargement coloring fertilizer, each tree (age 7-8 years) available 1.5 ~ 2kg. It is best to spread or ditch, so as not to damage the roots. Water should be applied after application to make it dissolve into the ground in order to improve fertilizer efficiency. "Shuangbao" brand tree special fertilizer varieties introduced Variety shape N, P, K content (%) Organic matter (%) Humic acid (%) Living biological additives (%) Trace elements (%) Recommended application amount (kg) Basic fertilizer Grain 3014-6-10208516.5 2.5 to 3 per kilogram of fruit basic fertilizer column 2010-4-62010616.5 per kilogram of fruit 3 to 4 enlarged coloring powder, powder 3010-6-142010616.5 per plant 1.5 to 2

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