Ecological Characteristics and Artificial Breeding of Eucheuma

Heterophylla is a tropical seaweed with high economic value and it is the main raw material for the carrageenan industry. At present, almost all the Eucheuma eucheuma required for the production of carrageenan in China are imported from the Philippines and Indonesia.
Yeh Yew is native to Tanzania, Zanzibar, Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan's Ryukyu Islands. It grows fast and produces high yields. A 150-gram-heavy Eucheuma lanceolata grows for more than two months. The weight can reach 5 kilograms, and the daily growth rate is 4 to 5 times faster than the current domestically grown Qiongzhi. Moreover, it does not need to rely on corals, and it is a very promising new breed in the south of China.
First, the ecological habits of heterophylla Eucheuma is a typical tropical seaweed, the growth of the optimum temperature range is 25 °C ~ 30 °C, 24 °C, then the growth rate is gradually slowed; below 20 °C, The growth stopped, and some of the algae tissues began to become rotten and die. Heterodera euangelum is a good light seaweed. When the light intensity is 7000 lx, the algae body grows fastest. When the light intensity is 3000 lx, the growth rate decreases obviously; the suitable salinity is generally more than 1.020 in seawater; the growing water layer is generally At about 50 cm and deeper than 90 cm, the growth rate slows down.
Second, artificial breeding of Eucheuma eucheuma artificial breeding is based on its budding propagation, that is, the characteristics of vegetative reproduction, using its vegetative branches.
1. In the sea area where sea-buckthorn is preferred, Eucheuma eutrophica should be selected as a harbor with smooth water flow, high transparency, and high nitrogen content. At the same time, due to the extreme luxuriant growth of the Eucheumae, the tender and crispy branches of the algae are easy to break. Therefore, the sea area for breeding requires less wind waves and better shelter conditions; the proportion of seawater is more than 1.020.
2. Production of cultured cockroaches Farming cockroaches are floating frames set in a certain sea area and maintained in a certain water layer. Farming area (3 acres or more) or an area with rapid water flow, the outer rope is generally more than 20 mm diameter chemical fiber rope, about 12 mm horizontal rope, food rope up and down 8 mm, food rope and horizontal rope at the intersection to knot firmly. Miaosheng is not a commercially available grass ball. The length of the seedling rope is about 30 cm. The vegetable (miao) is tied with the seedling rope and then tied to the vegetable nose. The rope spacing is 40 cm to 45 cm, the seedling spacing is 30 cm to 35 cm, and the distance between the horizontal distance and the horizontal rope is about 4 meters. About 30cm, 30cm and 30cm foam floats are also tied on the horizontal rope, and about 4 meters are tied. The whole culture quail is kept in a certain water layer by the buoyancy of these floats. The smaller the distance between the horizontal ropes and the more the floats are tied, the better the growth of the vegetables.
3. Seedlings selected artificial breeding of seedlings should be strong outward extension, robust branches, algae were bright red or red-green; algae withered, thin branches, curved ends, the color was yellow and white should not be selected as a species seedling.
4. Seedlings and seedlings are transported in off-sea transportation. Seedlings are best kept on a cool day. Long-distance transportation must also be provided with certain seawater in the vehicle. Regular spraying is used during transportation to keep the seedlings moist.
5. Sub-seedling and sub-seedling work is generally carried out on board so that drying time can be shortened. When separating the seedlings, care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight; seawater should be often spilled to keep the algae moist. The size of the seedlings is generally between 150g and 200g. The seedlings are best finished on the same day. The unfinished seedlings should be kept in the sea for a short period of time to prepare for the next day.
Third, the daily management of the daily management of the artificial breeding of Eucheuma eucheuma is relatively simple, there are two main points:
1. Check the supplementary seedlings in the process of seedling separation, due to direct sunlight or artificial damage, after the completion of sub-seedling may appear rotten branches or due to wind waves and blow off the seedlings, therefore, timely inspection, make up the seedlings.
2. Removal of algae, etc. Due to the long cultivation time, other algae, sludge, etc. are inevitably attached to the algae during the growth process. In particular, more algae and other shellfish are often grown on the vegetable ropes and horizontal ropes. , should be promptly removed so as not to affect the normal growth of heterophylline Eucheuma. In this way, after nearly three months of cultivation, the algae generally grow to about 5 kg and can be harvested.

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