Bait brewing skills

The lure of fish lures has a relatively dull vision. However, in catching freshwater fish, such as squid, squid, grass carp, etc., you can also see several meters in the clear water, food more than ten meters away. The use of various colors favored by fish, stimulating its conditional reflexes and catching target fish are also important tricks for fishing masters.

Dark brown, brown. The squid in omnivorous fish has long been accustomed to feeding in the bottom of the pool, in the bottom of the river, in the mud in the bay's mouth, so it is interested in the above-mentioned color of the food, rapeseed cake powder, fermented distillers grains, baked Such as wheat bran and other baits, its natural color is closer to brown, brown, so it is particularly attractive to attract bait.

Black, dark red. Similar to these color lures are also more, such as snail meat, sesame powder, lotus root powder, liver, commercial pellets bait, etc., the natural color of these baits for herring, mackerel, eel, etc. have a great sense of attraction.

white. For freshwater fish, white baits are more common, especially carp, grass carp, lakes, whitefish in streams, meal squid, etc. They may be habitually living in the water, middle clean water, so the food The color also tends to be white and pale, and the bait that is mainly prepared by changing the wheat flour and cornmeal is almost white, which leads to excellent fishing effects. Experts often add "white powder" to their own non-white powder and dye the food white. In the fertilizer and deep-water fishing can often play a curious effect.

green. Grass green represented by grass color may be grass carp, and carp often eats grass, leaves, leaves, etc. Therefore, they particularly favor this color. Many product baits have been added with algae, algae plants, and their baits. Natural grass green is very close, plus its natural green, grass carp, carp see bait has swallowed hook rate is significantly higher than other bait.

Light yellow. Millet, corn milled powder is generally pale yellow, dominated by this type of raw materials, the processed product bait market has also been emerging, like the old ghost "September 18" squid bait, Kam Lung "smell handsome" bait. Use these baits to fish in the muddy water and muddy water areas. The fish can be seen a few meters away, stimulating their sustenance. The pale yellow, yellow, and yellow baits are also salmon, grass carp, and salmon.

In short, according to the author's fishing experience, the application of the physical properties of the color, the bait, is also due to water, fish, local conditions, different water quality, weather, fish, and especially the “color” of the foods eaten by ordinary fish. There is a very close relationship. The masters can infuse the bait of the fish's favorite color, and soon lead the fish to "race for food." It is also a winning one.

The soft and hard food. In traditional fishing methods, players who use animal baits all have this experience: they use red leeks, minced meat, river shrimp, snail meat, pork strips, etc. as bait, and they are generally softer. Cooked hard-shelled shrimps, as well as snails' "heads", were far less likely to be hooked than live shrimp and snails on the spot to "hide" the "tail bowel" hook. It can be seen that the physical properties of bait hard and soft also play an important role in the amount of fish.

From the point of view of the eating and eating of the high-qualified squid, under normal circumstances, it will not rush through to swallow it, and it will go through trials, tests, tastes, and swallow several procedures. After the fish is lured into the den, even if the taste of the bait is also the first probe, which is the edible bait, which bait is not dangerous, it is safe for the bait to try again, try to eat, everything is normal before they start to eat. For example, the bait that we hooked in fishing is hard. I saw fish in the middle of the nest but with little biting hooks. There are occasional minor jog movements. This is how the squid is trying to eat bait. Sometimes even if you catch a few tails, you won't be hooked, and the bait is not obvious enough for the buoy signal. When the bait's baited bait is replaced with soft bait, different effects can be seen. The squid sucks in the mouth and takes a bold step. Responding to the short and powerful action of the next meal is much greater. The soft bait hooked by the fishing masters can be said to have not been hooked by the beginner angling fishermen. The author has experimented with the physical performance of the upper fish rate: last year's autumn, autumn, calm at night, Suzhou, a large river open to the outside world for a long time, "Blue River" spark, little fish lovers come here to enjoy the fun of night fishing really A lot. I chose a water depth of about two meters, before and after the cleanliness of the vegetable washing quay, the bottom hook was hooked, and several bottom baits were thrown in to guide the nest. After a while, I saw a single blister and double stars into the nest. I deliberately put two more on the hook. Hard bait (bait grain scattered in about 10 minutes) under the bottom. In the night fishing light, only two spots on the surface of the dew were raised, and then the eyes were gently lowered. Sometimes the fish could only feel the slight test bait, and I suddenly lost ten times. fish. According to the analysis, the bait powder was too hard, and the carp was unpalatable because of its taste, so it was difficult to inhale. Subsequently, I will infuse the looser bait hooks at the same time (the soft baits will begin to disperse in the middle, disperse after about 2 minutes after sinking). The result is different. After clearly seeing the buoys slowly rising, However, a few seconds or so a meal or so, this shows that the fish has boldly sucked in the mouth, Yang Yan is the middle of the fish, the size of 100 grams up and down, this said that these unsophisticated little guy is also very sensitive to the soft and hard food.

The looseness of the bait. Beginners of the Taiwanese fishing tackle do not attach much importance to the physicality of the bait. They do not feel deep enough, and they may not have found this feeling. When seeing the masters quickly connected to the fish, they thought that their food counterparts, additives play a role when the masters gave them a bag of bait in the adjacent fish when the fish rate is not high, only to find the loose loose bait production Degree is also a very important part of fishing.

The use of bait looseness in fishing is not focused on “fishing” but on “citation”. Mr. Liao Xinyang, a famous Taiwanese fishing tycoon, said: “Introducing fish is more important than fishing. If you can't catch fish, you can't talk about fishing.” One of the characteristics of the Taiwan fishing method is the bait, where the fishing bait is combined into a fishing boat and fishing is combined. Bait brewed, especially extruded bait, can play more and more fishing effect. Of course, the brewing of this type of bait has uncertain technical requirements; for example, Dong Jun squid bait has a water to bait ratio of 1. 2:1 is appropriate. After a few minutes of mixing, the water and bait should be stopped for a few minutes, so that the bait sucks enough water to mix with dozens of them. At the same time, it squeezes and squeezes the air out of the bait, and the sticky ones are squeezed for several times, but the loose ones are less. Mix pressure. When the masters indulge, the bait is divided into two parts at the beginning of pressure mixing. Part of the lesser mixing is used as a bottom bait to attract fish, and the water is quickly dispersed in the middle and lower layers of the water to introduce the fish into the nest. One part is squeezed and mixed as hooking bait, which slows down the dispersion. If fishing rods and quails are the mainstays, loose baits will be dropped on the water body and the middle layer will lead the fishes and catch them. To fish the bottom squid and squid, you need to mix a few more bait and let the bait sink after shaking. The expert fishermen are constantly adjusting the looseness of the bait broilers depending on the situation of the fish. The loosely-distributed bait will attract too many fish to collect the fishing spots, and the fish will fight for fishing in the fishing area. Not on the fish. Although it is too sticky to reduce the amount of bait, the hook rate is high, but the effect of attracting fish is poor. The density of fish into the nest is poor, and the catch is small, and the result will certainly not be good.

Fish powder loosening indicators at the time of fishing provide a data for reference by the general fisherman. In the case of normal fishing grounds where the fish density is not very high, for example: 1. The hooked bait grain should be able to disperse one-third of the water before it sinks into the water depth of 1,5 meters. 2. The bait grain should be disintegrated in about 2 minutes. 3, in the case of soybean-sized bait grains that do not specifically supplement large bait, the buoys within five seconds of the bottom of the bait are fish-reactions, and the fish stays on. Such as catching a few tail, more than a dozen tail after the end of the fish letter, which in addition to the bait grain is too small is too sticky to attract the fish is not enough.

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