Nutritional corn processing technology

Raw materials and recipes. Raw materials are fine cornmeal (or corn starch), broken rice, wheat flour, add a small amount of consolidation agent, such as calcium chloride, alum, alkali and dry enzymes. The quality of starch must be better. Flour is best to use strong powder with high gluten content to enhance the binding force. The use of broken rice will not only enhance the appetite flavor, but also increase the nutritional value due to complementation. For this purpose, some lysine and vitamins may also be added as required. The specific dosage is 40%-50% of fine cornmeal, more than 30% of flour, more than 20% of ground corn, another 1 gram of lysine per kilogram of raw materials, 13.27 grams of vitamins, and 6.5 grams of calcium.

mixing. According to the ratio of raw materials, the mixing machine was fully stirred and mixed, and water was added (normal temperature) and 0.2% of salt to mix evenly so that the moisture content of the dough reached 35%-37%.

Granulation. The dough is pressed into a wide belt with a roller press and then fed into a granulator with a rice-shaped die (the granulator has a roller and a squeeze type) and the dough is pressed under pressure. The rice is pressed into rice, and then the separator is used to separate and sieve the rice grains that meet the requirements of consumption, and the sieved material is powdery. Can go back to the process and reproduce. It can increase productivity and increase efficiency.

Cooking. About 40% of the rice grain containing water will be treated with steam on the conveyor belt for 3-5 minutes to form a protective film on the surface of the rice grains and provide sanitation and disinfection.

Drying and packaging. The temperature is generally 39°C and the drying time is approximately 40 minutes. After drying, the moisture of corn is about 13%, and after cooling, it can be reduced to 11%-11.5%, suitable for storage and listing.

Goji Berry Juice


It should be noted that wolfberry is used not only as a drug in TCM prescriptions to treat diseases but also as a popular food by Chinese people in their daily life for promotion of general health. According to the regulations of the China State Food and Drug Administration, wolfberry is one of the 87 TCM ingredients that can be used as both normal food and functional food.

The health benefits of wolfberry, which have been recorded from the empirical insights of Chinese doctors over hundreds of years, are today perceived by Chinese consumers as centered on age-related conditions, with benefits primarily for eyesight.

From hand-picking, thorough washing, cold pressing and bottling. Our NFC Goji Juice never exceeds 6 hours to complete the gorgeous turn of fresh goji berries from the field to the sweet nectar ready for the tip of your tongue. Our diligence ensures all the active nutrients such as Lycium barbarum polysaccharide, Betaine, Carotenoids can be fully retained without any water, pigment or preservative added.

Ways of drinking goji berry juice:

Drink directly,


Baking ingredients,

Beverage ingredients

Goji Berry Serum Benefits

●Reduce cholesterol.


●Support normal kidney function.


●Support healthy liver function.

●Support eye health and improves vision.

●Balance blood pressure and serum sugar.

●Treat sexual dysfunction.

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