Carrots and eggs rushed away to get rid of smallpox in India

It is very distressing to have spots on the face. What are the good ways to acne India?

First, take vitamin C tablets or vitamin E capsules

These two elements have the effect of whitening the skin and repairing the skin, helping to minimize acne scars. In addition to drugs, it is also possible to eat fruits and vegetables containing two kinds of vitamins, such as kiwifruit, citrus, orange, grapefruit, red fruit, grapes and other fruits. Green vegetables, leeks, spinach, bell peppers, celery and other green leafy vegetables and cauliflower... These are all good effects on blemish.

Second, use vinegar to remove the face pigment

When you wash your face every day, add one or two drops of vinegar to the water and insist on using this water to cleanse the face, which can effectively help reduce the pigmentation and make it natural and harmless. Moreover, it has a very good effect on removing acne marks on the face.

Third, pay attention to the sun, eat less spicy food

The best time for acne marks is within two months of acne marks. At this time, all kinds of pigmentation that can form marks are still relatively weak, and the price is easy to deal with. So this time should pay attention to sun protection, eat less spicy food, foods containing large amounts of pigment also try not to eat.

Four, eggplant skin anti-acne

Use of eggplant skin is also able to effectively remove smallpox in India. Put clean eggplant skin on a clean face, stay for a while, then pick up the eggplant skin and you'll notice that the spotted scars fade in color.

Five, carrot homemade acne mask

Prepare 5,000 grams of fresh carrots, wash them, add water to cook them, wrap them in gauze, pick them up, paste them into a paste, apply them to acne, and apply them to the coins. Apply them 2-3 times a day. 2 It can be cured in ~3 days. Carotene in carrots not only helps acne, but also has blemish, anti-wrinkle, and acne-reducing effects. You can also get the corresponding effect by painting your face with carrot juice.

Sixth, pearl powder, egg clear acne India mask

Prepare an appropriate amount of raw egg and medicinal pearl powder. Break the raw egg, take the egg white, add the pearl powder and stir it evenly. Apply it to the face and use it as a mask. Both pearl and egg white have the effect of calming and whitening the skin, which not only can dilute the smallpox in India, but also make the skin more and more smooth and white.


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