Empty box compression tester works

The HD-502-1200 empty box compression tester is professionally produced by our company Kunshan Haida Instruments. The results of the carton compression tester test can be used as an important reference for the height of the finished product packaging box or an important basis for designing the package.

First, the use of empty box compression tester

This machine is the most direct test instrument for testing the pressure resistance of carton or other packaging containers. It is used to judge the pressure resistance of the carton and can be used for the test of the pressure stacking code. The test results can be used as the important height of the finished product packaging box. Refer to or design an important basis for the package. The packaging pressure-resistant equipment is sensed by a high-precision wrapping sensor, and the resistance value is tested and displayed directly. It is the most direct equipment for testing the pressure resistance of the container made of carton or other materials.

Second, the principle of empty box compression tester

This machine is an electronic display pressure testing machine, which is connected with the motor drive screw to move the upper pressure plate downwards, thus pressing the sample; the result is connected with the LOAD CELL power sensor to automatically display the power value.

Third, the empty box compression tester product features

1. The structure of the machine adopts aluminum extrusion type sealing board treated with high-grade baking varnish. It has built-in high-precision, low-resistance, gap-free double ball screw and guide column to improve load efficiency and structural rigidity.

2. The microcomputer system adopts the commercial computer as the main control machine. With the company's test software, it can complete all test parameter setting, working state control, data acquisition and analysis processing, result display and print output.

3. The product performance is stable and reliable, the measurement accuracy is high, the test software is powerful, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.

Fourth, empty box compression tester use precautions

● Please pay attention to the following items regarding the power supply.

※ In principle, the power distribution method uses a three-phase 380V power supply.

※ For power and power engineering, please consult with electrical engineers or people with equivalent knowledge.

● Power cord

Be sure to use the power cord supplied with your device. If you find that the power cord and power plug are abnormal, please contact us. Replace or guide the replacement with our Kunshan Haida instrument service personnel.

● fuse

In order to prevent fire and damage to internal circuits, do not use fuses other than those specified. When replacing the fuse, use a fuse of the same type and shape as the original device.

● Special warning: Warnings should be noted that the application or conditions performed are highly dangerous and may result in personal injury or even death.

In order to prevent accidental injury or death, be sure to observe clearly before moving and using the empty box compression tester.

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