Monkey day sex "gambling"

According to the news of msnbc on August 22, recently, American scientists have discovered that primates prefer to win more food through gambling, instead of getting a certain amount of food each time - this is relatively safe. "The way.
The National Primate Research Center in California, USA, recently conducted a study of rhesus monkeys and macaques. They made a device in which two types of light could be emitted, one of which represented “safe” food, meaning that if the monkey selected the light, it would receive a certain amount of food each time; The beam of light represents "gamble," and if the monkey chooses the light, then the total amount of food it can get at a time is a random number.
When the scientists conducted experiments on these monkeys, they discovered that after a period of adaptation, the monkeys generally liked to select the light that represents "gambling." This discovery has excited scientists.
Scientists also try to increase the difficulty of gambling, which means that the monkeys may receive little or more food each time they gamble, and the difference between them is very large. After research, scientists found that the more difficult the gambling, the more monkeys like to get food through gambling, although the total amount of food available through this method is not necessarily greater than the total amount of food obtained through "insurance."
Scientists hope to use this research on monkeys to find out why humans belonging to primates also like to gamble, because their brain activity has certain similarities.
The details of this study are as follows. The scientists first selected a certain number of male rhesus monkeys and rhesus monkeys, and then placed them in front of an instrument that could emit two different lights. If these monkeys choose light that represents "safety," they will receive equal amounts of food each time. If the monkey chooses to represent the "gambling" of light, then the amount of food that may be available each time varies greatly - it may be many, or it may be very small. In the first experiment, the scientists made monkeys choose which beam of light, and the total amount of food they got was the same. This means that although the light chosen to represent “gambling” may have little food at a time, But there may be many more next time. After a long period of choice, the total amount of food the monkeys get is nearly equal.
Under these conditions, scientists have found that monkeys usually choose to represent the "gambling" of light. Then the scientists reduced the amount of food available to the light representing "gambling," which means that although monkeys may receive a lot of food at one time, after a long period of selection, monkeys who choose to "gambling" will definitely be better than others. Monkeys who choose "safe" light have less food.
Despite this, scientists have discovered that monkeys still prefer to choose light that represents "gambling." Michael Platt, a neurobiologist at the Medical Research Center at Duke University in the United States, said that he was very curious about this because monkeys no matter which light they choose, the total amount of food that they may eventually receive will not differ too much. Why monkeys still prefer it? One choice, not the other.
What is even more puzzling for scientists is that when they reduce the average value of the food represented by the “gambling” light, the monkeys that prefer “gambling” will receive less food than the monkeys that prefer “insurance”, and these monkeys will still choose to represent “gambling”. "The light.
Scientists jokingly said that perhaps these monkeys are naturally inclined to gambling.
Platt and colleague Allison McCoy were the main researchers in this experiment, and they obtained more interesting phenomena through continuous experiments. Although they continue to reduce the amount of food available to monkeys through "gambling," these monkeys still choose to represent the "gambling" of light. The results of this research have been published in the journal "Natural Neuroscience" on August 14, 2005.
Platt said that the characteristics displayed by these monkeys are very similar to those exhibited by certain "gamblers" in humans. He believes that monkeys do this because, although the amount of food obtained through gambling may be many or very small, these monkeys seem to remember only that they got a lot of food. They seem to completely forget the way they used to gamble. Get very little food.
The researchers also connected a wired electrode device to the monkey's brain in hopes of observing the brain's information processing when primates such as monkeys were rewarded.
Through research scientists discovered that when the difficulty of gambling increases, the monkey's brain activity will increase accordingly, and the monkey's brain activity will increase, making the monkeys more likely to choose to represent the "gambling" of the light. The scientists are surprised that this type of monkey's brain activity is proportional to the specific behavior of the monkey. On the surface, it seems that the monkey's brain activity controls the specific behavior of the monkeys. Furthermore, the monkey’s brain makes subjective assessments of the rewards that may be obtained for specific behaviors. They do not objectively make the total amount of food available. Make accurate judgments.
The scientists said that they will also conduct further research to find out all the brain reactions involved in this process. Through this research, scientists may find how the brains of primates deal with the relationship between adventure and reward.
Scientists have known that if a person's brain contains low levels of serotonin, then this person is more inclined to risk and impulsive. The scientists said: "Through the next study, they may have a more scientific explanation of human beings tending to gamble, stubbornness, confusion, and depression."

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