"Spring Harvest Harvesting" Combine

This summer harvest, the "Spring Harvest Harvest King" combine harvester has been favored by farmers.
Even if the wheat harvest has come to an end on June 15, Shandong Gaomi Spring Rain Machinery Co., Ltd. still ushered in a farmer who came to buy the "Spring Harvest Harvesting" grain combine harvester. From the operation, the pilot found that the “Harvest of the Spring Harvest Harvester” cuts fast, does not leak food, and is not easy to damage. To this end, specifically came to buy.
Anqiu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. of Shandong Province did not plan to distribute spring rain harvesters in 2004. However, farmers often asked for spring rain and entered several "Spring Harvest Harvesters" to try. The result was suddenly sold. 7 sets. This year, Anqiu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., based on the needs of farmers, put the "Spring Harvest Harvest King" as one of its sales priorities. Due to its well-prepared sales, it sold 60 units. “This year's harvester sales market is better. If Chunyu Company can supply the goods in time, at least 10 more machines can be sold. Spring Rain's machine performance is excellent and the price is low, while the summer harvest service is timely; the market conditions will be better next year. It is estimated that sales of 70 to 80 units will not be a problem," said Li Deen, manager of Anqiu Agricultural Machinery Company.
The Gaomi Spring Rain Company has been supporting the production of a threshing chamber and a harvester for the Xinjiang-2 combine harvester since 1996 and has been producing combine harvesters since 2002. With several decades of research, development and production of threshing machines and harvesting machines, Spring Rain has absorbed all the advantages of various No. 2 machines and introduced dozens of improved designs for key components. Good response. The use of “Spring Harvest Harvester” generally reflected: Spring Harvester harvested fast, clean grain, no leakage of food, adaptability, machine harvest operation price per mu over other models received 5 yuan. The inspection report issued by the National Agricultural Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center last year showed that the performance indicators of the Harvest Harvester of the Spring Harvest are all better than those of the national industry standard Sound JB/T5117-1992, and the total loss rate of the harvester is 0.32% (National Standards ≤ 1.5%), crushing rate is 0.6% (national standard ≤ 2%), impurity rate is 0.7% (national standard ≤ 2%).
After continuous improvement and innovation in recent years, the quality and performance of the Spring Harvest Harvest King have been continuously improved, and they stand out in the wheat harvest operation and are loved by farmers in Guangtian. This year's wheat harvest season, in some areas, there have been special queuing of farmers, waiting for Hou Chunyu harvest the king to collect wheat for them.


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