Non-polluting methods for controlling sweet potato underground pests

Sweet potatoes are vulnerable to underground pests and form insect pathways, which rot the sweet potatoes and lower their quality. When they are severe, they cannot be eaten, resulting in loss of production. The following non-pollution methods are used to control sweet potato underground pests, without any toxic residues, no contamination of sweet potatoes, and no harm to human health. During the rapid expansion of sweet potato, every 10 to 15 days, the roots are applied once and 25 to 30 times of superphosphate is mixed with dry and pure plant ash to purify the clear solution, or 10 to 15 times of tea bran is soaked to clarify the solution, or 15 to 20 times of tobacco leaf is leached. Clear solution, etc., continuous 2-3 times, each time per square meter soil leaching about 5 to 6 kg is appropriate. When the soil is slightly wet after the rain, or in the morning or in the evening, it can kill the underground pests that harm sweet potatoes and protect the sweet potatoes. If 80- to 100-fold magnesium sulfate solution is added, the effect is better, which can not only enhance the control effect, enhance the insect-resistant ability of sweet potato, but also promote the rapid expansion of sweet potato, increase starch accumulation, obviously increase the yield, and improve the quality. Extended storage.

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