Medicinal meat and rabbit-culture of Mizhou white rabbits

1 Market Prospects White rabbits in the city of Minzhou are also known as Zhucheng White Meat Rabbits. They are one of China's medicine and meat rabbits. The rabbit is strong and fleshy and has the effect of Buzhongyiqi and cooling blood and detoxification. It has better effects on skin rejuvenation, physical fitness, cholesterol lowering, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, obesity, and supplementing brain and brain. . Japan purchased Minzhou white rabbits from China last year and extracted dozens of biological drugs and human and livestock vaccines from its bones, meat, blood, and internal organs. The white rabbit of Mizhou is a good meat food with delicate meat, no smell, rich aroma and rich nutrition. It contains more than 21% of protein, fat is less than 8%, lysine is 9.6%, and calcium and vitamins are cattle, sheep and pigs. , Chicken 1.5 to 4 times, eating digestibility of more than 85%. The Mizhou white rabbit has become a dual-purpose rabbit for medicine and meat. The prospect is good. It is the only green rabbit product and the only living body that can continue to be sold to the international market since the rabbit meat was sealed up by the EU in January 2002. Meat rabbits. Now, the white rabbits of Mizhou are very popular in domestic and foreign rabbit meat markets and medicinal raw material rabbit markets. In 2003, Japan’s contract to Benming Rabbit Industry Co., Ltd. of China for buying medicinal raw materials reached RMB 128 million, and each live rabbit More than in the country to sell 5 to 15 yuan. Therefore, the market outlook is promising. 2 Characteristics 2.1 Morphological characteristics Rabbit's head is wide and round, with short neck and red eyes. Front and rear torso are well-balanced, upper limbs are strong, hips are full, lumbar ribs are thick, ears are long, blood vessels are clear, body is white, hair is white. Soft and beautiful. 2.2 Habits of life Genetic stability, strong disease resistance, resistance to rough feeding, rapid growth and development, good fur quality, meat conversion rate of 2.8:1. The female rabbit has strong motherhood and high fertility. It produces 6 to 8 litters of pups and 8 to 16 litters per year. The birth weight of puppies was 60-70g, and about 8 rabbits were bred per litter. The weight of weaned pigs was 0.6-0.9kg for 30 days and the average body weight was 2.5kg at 70 days of age. Adult rabbits weigh 4.5 to 6kg. 3 Feed requirements In all stages of growth, all feeds should be fed with nutritious feed. It is forbidden to feed a single feed, so as not to affect the growth of meat rabbits. Granules should be processed feed, the average farmer can mix the good powder plus a small amount of gruel stirred into different sizes of granular materials. This allows the rabbit to eat fast, save time on eating, grow more rest, and not feed. 4 Green farms are strictly sterilized in rabbit farms. Vaccination is the main measure to prevent the occurrence of malignant infectious diseases and protect the health of rabbits. In addition to adding garlic and other herbs, feed must not be added to antibiotics. When the rabbit is fed as a medicinal raw material and the body weight reaches 2kg, the green feedstuff with “drug rest period” is carried out, so that the quality of the rabbit can reach the green standard of no pollution, no pesticide residue, no pollution. 5 Processing and marketing When meat rabbits are raised, they can be fed for 3 to 4 months. The greater the weight, the higher the economic benefits. The processing should be processed into frozen rabbit meat and dried salted rabbit skins for sale in slaughterhouses with better sanitary conditions. When used as a raw material for rabbits for medicinal purposes, they are raised to 2.5 to 2.75 kg in body weight without slaughter and processing, and the rabbit associations focus on the company's unified sales. (Author: Liu Ming: Shandong Zhucheng Akira Rabbit Development Co., Ltd.)

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