Selenium-enriched wheat cultivation techniques

The key to selenium-enriched wheat technology lies in the application of selenium-enriched production factors. The application methods are mainly the following two: First, "selenium-enriched production factor" seed dressing technology. Take 250g of selenium-producing factor, dilute it with water and mix it with 1 mu of seed, mix it for one hour and sow it (if spraying, don't use seed dressing). The second is the "selenium-enriched growth factor" spray technology, which is carried out in two parts: after the first head water and before the second water, it is sprayed with herbicides, sprayed with selenium-enriched production factors, and used 250 g of selenium-enriched oil per acre for water. 30kg evenly sprayed; sprayed at the heading stage of the wheat for the second time, sprayed with 250g selenium-promoting agent diluted to 45kg/mu. Selenium-enriched wheat cultivation techniques 1. Selection of sites, soil preparation and basal fertilizers and seed fertilizers 1.1 Sandy loam soils with medium to high fertility and rotation of more than three years are required to require deep plowing in the autumn of 20-24 cm, deep plowing once every three years, breaking the plow floor knot. Floor. Timely and appropriate water storage irrigation, timely smashing, so that the ground level, small blocks, soil broken, good. 1.2 Combine 2500-3000 kg of organic fertilizer in autumn turnover Mushi, 50 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, and 15-20 kg of diammonium fertilizer, randomly broadcasted by a layered seeder. 2.2.1 seed treatment Seed treatment per kilogram of seed with 75% Weifu thermostatic powder (including Fumei double 37.5%) 2.2-2.8 g seed dressing or use 20% triadimefon 32m1 water 50 kg. 2.2 Variety selection Generally, wheat varieties with high yield, high quality, strong resistance and wide adaptability are selected. At present, high-yielding varieties of Bafeng 1, Bayou 1, and Mengmai 26, which are selected from Ningchun 4 and the agricultural research institute in Bayannaoer, are used. 3, timely planting in the premise of a good place, the daily average temperature is stable at 0 °C a 2 °C, the topsoil thawing 3-4cm for the appropriate date of planting, wheat row spacing 10cm, so that the depth appropriate, uniform seed, uniform soil The wheat seedlings will be sown early and broadcasted before the end of March. The best time is March 12-28. Planting density of 450,000 plants/mu. 4. Field management 4.1 Seedlings of young seedlings in the seedling stage will be timely and green after the seedlings are ready. When the seedlings are dry, the young seedlings will be kept. 4.2 Watering In early May, the wheat tri-leaf to four-leaf topping water was combined with 10 to 15 kg of topdressing urea per acre. The six-leaf spread, the seven-leaf loquat tipping and the two waters, the heading stage was poured into three waters, and spraying “selenium enrichment”. When you increase production factors, you must avoid cloudy days. The spraying time is: 9-10 am and after 4 pm. Within 24 hours after spraying, in the event of rain, additional spraying is required. During the grain filling stage, four waters are poured, and the fourth water is dry and wet. The amount of watering is determined according to soil moisture level, and it is carried out on a windless day to prevent lodging. 4.3 Fertilization In the late spring and grain filling stages of wheat, potassium dihydrogen phosphate was sprayed twice, the amount of mu was 1500 grams, and 30 kg of water was added for foliar spraying. 4.4 Insect repellent and weed control For locusts, serious wheat fields are sprayed with ectotoxicity, killed and killed, and other highly effective, low-toxicity, low-residue pesticides or “Tianweishi can kill” plant pesticides. Remove large grasses in time and remove impurities, promote the growth of wheat. If the second spraying is not performed, selenium-enriched production of penicillin is sprayed in combination with extermination. 5. The harvested plants turn yellow, and the microstrip yellowish at the stem sections. The wheat grain presents the original characteristics of the variety when it is harvested; the pollution-free drying field should be selected, dried and dried, and the particles should be returned to the warehouse.

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