"Five Preventions" Maintenance of Leisure Agricultural Machinery

Due to the seasonality of the use of agricultural machinery and the limitations of its own work, a farm implement can only complete one or several kinds of work items within one year, and it only works for a short period of time, and it takes a long time to park and keep it. General agricultural implements are not stored in warehouses like industrial machinery. They are often placed in the open air and are subject to wind, sun, rain and other erosion. If they are not carefully preserved, the damage of the equipment during parking will far exceed that during the working period. Damaged and even turned into a pile of scrap iron. Although the usage rate of Bingtuan farm implements is high, non-use damage is also very serious, partly due to neglect of the maintenance during the leisure period. In order to extend the service life of the equipment, the following “five preventions” should be implemented during the leisure period. 1. Anti-corrosion (1) After the agricultural machinery is finished in the field, it is necessary to remove the external dirt, clean up the seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and crop stubbles in the working organization, and clean it with water or oil if necessary. (2) Clean all lubricated parts and re-lubricate. Apply rubbing oil to all friction surfaces, such as ploughshares, plow walls, openers, spade shovels, etc., preferably with stickers to reduce the chance of contact with air. . (3) The complex and precise tools are best kept in a cool, dry and ventilated room; simple equipment such as ploughs, rakes, and suppressors can be kept in the open, but should be placed on a high ground, dry and free from direct sunlight. Place, it is best to cover the cover; all parts directly contact with the ground, the use of wood or brick support; fall off the protective paint to re-painted. 2. Anti-corrosion and mildew (1) Due to the action of microorganisms, and the decay, cracking and deformation of wooden parts, rain, wind, and sunlight, the wooden parts are effectively coated with paint and placed in a dry place. Don't be exposed to the sun or the rain. (2) Textiles, such as canvas conveyor belts, are improperly stored and are easily rotted. Such products should not be placed in the open air, they should be removed after cleaning and drying, and stored indoors in a dry and pest-proof and rodent-proof place. 3. Anti-aging rubber or plastic products are susceptible to aging and deterioration due to the oxygen in the air and the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight, making the elasticity of the rubber parts worse and easily broken. For the storage of rubber parts, it is best to use hot paraffin oil on the surface of the rubber, be sure to put it on the indoor shelf, cover it with paper, keep it ventilated, dry and free from direct sunlight. 4. Anti-deformation springs, transmission belts, long shanks, tires, etc. will be plastically deformed due to prolonged stress or improper placement. For this purpose, appropriate support shall be provided under the rack; the tires shall not be subjected to load; all presses on the machine may be The opened spring must be loosened; remove the drive belt and keep it properly in the room; some of the easily deformable parts removed, such as the long knife bar, should be laid flat or hung vertically; and the parts removed, such as tires, seedlings, etc., should be prevented from being stored. Product, extrusion, pressure deformation. 5. Loss prevention should establish a registration card for long-term parked equipment, detail the technical status of the equipment, attachments, spare parts, tools, etc.; all types of equipment should be kept by special persons; it is forbidden to disassemble parts for other purposes; if there is no warehouse, the equipment is parked outdoors. At the time, the motor, belt and other easy-to-dispose items should be removed and marked and stored indoors.


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