Adjust Color Temperature LED Operation Light (SY02-LED3+5)

Model NO.: SY02-LED3+5
Illuminance: 120000/160000lux
Colour Temperature: 5000k
Colour Reduction Index: 96ra
Illuminance Depth: 1020/1150mm
Total Irradiance: 380/510W/M2
Size of Light Field: 200-350mm
Rated Power of Bulb: 3.2V/1W
LED Service Life of Illuminant: 50000h
Lowest Height of Installation(Mm): 2900mm
Warranty: 2 Years
Trademark: SHANGYI
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: CE, SGS, FDA
Origin: Shanghai, China
HS Code: 94054090
Adjust Color Temperature FDA Approved LED Operation Light (SY02-LED3+5)
Adjust Color Temperature LED Operation Light (SY02-LED3+5)
Adjust Color Temperature LED Operation Light (SY02-LED3+5)

Detailed Description:
1. Using LEDs to illuminate demanding environments is becoming ever more common.
2. Low heat generation, minimal power consumption and an almost unlimited life expectancy.
3. Light emitting diodes have a whole range of technological, economic and ecological advantages.

Main Features:
1. Precise: Uniform, homogeneous lighting in surface and deep cavity procedures.
2. Simple: Ergonomic, sterile operating concept allows for the simple and flexible control of all functions.
3. Efficient: Environmentally proactive, low power consumption and durable, minimizeresources impact.   4. Durable: Almost unlimited LED life expectancy delivers tremendous reliability and minimize resources impact.

1. Unmatched shadow management optimizes concentration and surgical team efficiency.
Huifeng has harnessed the far-reaching potential of the multi-lens matrix to virtually eliminate shadows. The SY02-LED overlapping fields of light and multiple patterns - selectable based on the surgical situation - minimize shadows and redirect the full selected intensity to the surgical site.
The result is up to 25% more light in deep cavity situations.

2.Sterile control operations
One of the innovative characteristics of SY02-LED5+5: The sterile control concept enables the surgical team to operate all important functions intuitively, quickly and simply - either on the light heads or via a wall control panel.

3. On and off-switch
Dimming with integrated Endo mode
Shadow management
Optimized air flow design for better hygiene

With its open design and superior ventilated ceiling tolerance, SY02-LED ensures that perfect operating conditions are created and hygienic requirements are fulfilled. The airflow surface under the ventilated ceiling is minimized and the reduced heat generation ensures a low turbulence displacement stream under the light head.

SY02-LED combines these characteristics. The result: Unparalleled performance.
Technical Data:
Type SY02-LED3+5 (Adjust color temperature)
Illuminance(Lux) ≥120000/160000
Colour temperature(k) 3500±200/4000±200/4500±200/5000±200
Colour reduction index(Ra) 96
Illuminance depth(mm) 1020/1150
Total irradiance (W/m2) 380/510
Size of light field (mm) 200-350
Rated power of bulb(V/W) 3.2V/1W
Lamp head diameter(mm) 700/860
LED Service life of illuminant ≥50000
Power supply voltage AC110V-240V(50HZ-60HZ)
Brightness adjustmen stepless continuous light adjustment
Total power consumption(W) 140
Total LED bulb quantity(pcs) 295
Lowest height of installation(mm) 2900
Warranty 2 years
Delivery time 3-5days
Adjust Color Temperature LED Operation Light (SY02-LED3+5)
Adjust Color Temperature LED Operation Light (SY02-LED3+5)

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