Causes of cucumber pain

The bitter taste of cucumber is a kind of physiological disease, mainly due to the accumulation of bittersin in the melon. The disease is affected by a specific temperature and humidity microclimate, so the incidence rate in the greenhouse is relatively high, mainly concentrated in the early flowering root melon and late flowering melon. First, the cause of the disease 1. Changchun Mickey and Shandong Mate are not resistant to bittersin, and bittersin is hereditary. Choosing bitter melon as a seed, the offspring will be affected. 2. Moisture control period of water, improper or physiological drought, are easy to form bitter. 3. Fertilizer cucumber absorption ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium should be 5:2:6, - high nitrogen fertilizer, easily lead to leggy, in the side, weak branches prone to bitter melon. 4. When the temperature is lower than 12°C, the physiological activity of the cells is reduced, so that the absorption of nutrients and moisture is suppressed, resulting in bitter melons. The temperature is higher than 32 °C for a long time, especially if it exceeds 35 °C. The respiratory depletion is higher than that of photosynthetic products. Malnutrition can also cause bitter melon. 5. Debilitating Plants Caused by the lack of light and the infestation of fungi, bacteria, and viruses, or the aging of plant physiological functions at the later stages of the development of bitter gourds. Second, prevention and control methods The selection of disease-resistant varieties is currently available on Jinza No.2, No.4 or Jinyan No.4. 2. Strengthen the ecological management of the greenhouse 1 moisture. The principle of watering is that shed soil is not poured. Watering should do see wet see dry. 2 temperature and humidity control. Combine agricultural measures such as watering and weeding, and then adjust the air outlet up and down so that the temperature in the morning is 25°C-30°C and the relative humidity is maintained at 75%; in the afternoon, the temperature is maintained at 20°C-25°C, and the relative humidity is maintained at 70%. 3 balanced fertilization. According to the nutrient required for each growth period of the crop, 50 kg of superphosphate or 50 kg of diammonium phosphate shall be applied to the planting furrow per gram of base fertilizer, and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium shall be followed in full bloom (5:2:6). The proportion of fertilization, the late fertility to adopt foliar spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate, to maintain the photosynthesis of functional leaves, prevent bitterness.


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