The technical points of replanting buckwheat

Buckwheat growth period is short, generally 60-80 days that can be mature, high-yield cultivation techniques of autumn buckwheat points are: 1, fine soil preparation. The ability of buckwheat seedlings to be excavated is weak. Attention should be paid to the fine soil preparation and the creation of an environment conducive to the growth and development of seedlings in order to preserve the seedlings and strive for strong seedlings. 2, high quality sowing. Before and after the fall of buckwheat sowing, sweet buckwheat can be planted everywhere before the summer, 3.5 kg per mu sowing. You cannot use every other year. Before sowing, soaking in warm water at 30-40°C for 10-15 minutes can be used for seedling and Miao Qi. 3, Qiao fertilizer material. The short growing period of buckwheat should be dominated by basal fertilizer, so that sufficient base fertilizer can be applied and topdressing can be applied early to apply phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer. Top dressing depends on the application of seedlings. Don't apply too much too late to avoid delaying flowering and late lodging. In the flowering stage, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, or trace elements such as boron, molybdenum, manganese, etc. were used for extra-root dressing. 4, scientific management. When the height of the seedling is 7-10 cm, the combination of cultivating, weeding and time seedlings, the second cultivating and cultivating soil, promoting the development of adventitious root groups, and cultivating and weeding, must be completed before flowering. 5, pay attention to drought drainage.

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