Strawberry-corn-post-season rice cultivation techniques

The results of the “Strawberry-corn-post-season rice” cultivation experiment showed that with this model, the strawberry income was 1,218.262 yuan per mu, and grain yield was 1,082 kg (498 kg for maize and 548 kg for the latter season), which was 31 kg higher than the traditional model grain yield. The net income is 1697.18 yuan, and its cultivation techniques are as follows. I. Specifications and mouthwash arrangements: In late October, ridges are sized for a width of 1 meter, a height of 0.25 meters, and a top width of 0.6 to 0.7 meters. Two rows of strawberries per ridge are planted in a triangular pattern, with a plant spacing of 0.23 meters, and 5500 planting acres. After the spring of the following year, weeding, fertilizing, and filming, harvesting began at the beginning of April and ended at the end of May. On March 20th, maize was used to raise seedlings with 14 holes from a large hole (468 holes), and from April 8th to April 10th. The central hole is transplanted, the spacing is 0.1 to 0.12 meters, 5500 to 6,000 are planted in the mu, and harvested on July 20; the rice in the late season is from June 15 to 18 at sunset, and 100 holes (468 holes) are required for each mu. The falling valley adopts the mud method. On July 20th, it will be planted with 31,500 holes per mu, and the basic seedlings will be from 14 to 150,000. Second, the cultivation techniques: 1. Strawberries: varieties of goods with good commercial quality BF2 or Baozao Zaoxian, in the end of October enough mu base fertilizer, applied per acre rot of 5000 kg of organic fertilizer, 50 kg of ternary compound fertilizer, and then with BG-6A Drilling machine rotates cultivating twice; when planting, pay attention to the direction of the foundation back toward the furrow, the depth is appropriate, so that the depth is not careless, light does not reveal roots; in early February, manual weeding, fertilizing, filming, manual weeding At the same time, remove yellow leaves, old leaves, and then top-dressing, apply 2500 kg of organic fertilizer per acre, 25 kg of compound fertilizer, 30 kg of urea, and use a film with a width of 0.9 m and a thickness of 0.4 m. Put the seedlings, the hole is as small as possible, and muddy around. 2. Maize: The use of plastic tray seedlings, milk transplanting, mainly to solve the problem of seedlings, mature ripening period of direct film corn. (1) Select early maturing varieties: Mainly Shandan 51, Suyu 9 and Suyujing No. 1. (2) Fine sowing in appropriate period: According to the climate characteristics, combined with the seed germination temperature, the best sowing date is March 20th. The seedbed should be selected before planting. The seedbed should be selected in a place with high topography and smooth drainage. The specification is 2.5 meters in length and 1.4 meters in width. Separate, a hole a grain, need to plant 2.25 ~ 2.5 kg per acre, to cover the fine soil after sowing, cover soil should be selected sterile Vegetable garden soil, sieving, to the full limit of the hole; second to cover grass spray; Third, we must lift sheds, uncover grass, cover films and net ropes, and open drains around them. (3) Strengthen the seedbed management: The key is to ensure that the disc soil is moist and the topsoil is not white. If it is white, the film should be sprayed with a sprayer to prevent shrinkage. After the exhibition leaves are sunny, the ventilation is cool, and the leaves are cultivated one at a time. (4) Transplanting in a timely manner: Transplanting is early, seedling age is small, vulnerable to late frost attacks; transplanting is late, seedling age is large, nutrient area in plastic tray is small, easy to form a thin seedling, the best leaf age for transplanting is a leaf One heart period. (5) Reinforce the tube: In late May, the big bells of corn will be applied with panicle fertilizer, applying 50 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per acre, 2,000 kg of organic fertilizer decomposed, and using a good growth regulator to prevent and control the damage of corn borer. Combine it with actual 20 ml of corn, spray 30 kg of water onto the upper leaves, control plant height, increase grain weight, and use corn pyrethroid pesticides 10 ml plus water 25 kg to prepare the poisonous water. 3. After-season rice: The varieties used were early-maturing late rice cultivar Wuyujing No. 3 or new product lines 15-16. After sowing, Beibeisu was sprayed with 15 ml. Wet irrigation before the three-leaf stage, and kept under dry conditions after the three-leaf stage. 4 days before throwing, combine watering and topdressing for marrying manure, using 0.25 kg of urea per 100 tablets, applying 2500 kg of organic fertilizer per acre, 50 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, 10 kg of multi-effect silicon fertilizer, and direct corn tillage. field.

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