Chinese Cabbage

Dr. Zhang Lugang, a Chinese cabbage expert at the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, successfully selected a variety of Chinese cabbage that was successfully bred earlier this year, which is expected to give residents a new and beautiful landscape on the table. The “Colorful Chinese Cabbage New Line” project is the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” national 863 project. During the two-year scientific and technological research team led by Zhang Lugang, two leafballs were successfully selected from more than one hundred Chinese cabbage hybrid combinations. The bright yellow and orange yellow fine new products are codenamed 02-61 and 02-64 respectively. From its longitudinal section, the outer leaves of the new line are thin and green, and the leaves are bright yellow and orange-yellow. The color and appearance are very beautiful. These two new lines are not only beautiful, but also have a crisp texture, less crude fiber, and excellent palatability. They can be used both raw and cooked, especially suitable for raw food and salad. The new line is also rich in carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B and calcium, manganese, iron and other trace elements, with good nutrition and health functions. According to Zhang Lugang, the genetic traits of the two new strains are relatively stable at present, and the test yield of 667 square meters is about 6000--7000 kg. It is suitable for cultivation in the northern regions of China's continental climate. The growth habits and production management methods and ordinary Chinese cabbage are not available. The obvious difference.

According to the number of barrels, Piston-typed Mobile Milking Machine can be divided into two categories: Single-barrel Type and Double barrel Type.

With unique design, easy operation, easy maintenance, it can lower the utility costs. It will not hurt the nipple by milking soft with stable vacuum. The milking cup group is with a transparent tube, so the operator can observe the nipples of cows during the milking.

After years of production and constant technological improvements, the new designed milking machines can meet the actual demand for the majority of users. We discuss and improve more about the machine, to make them catch international standards, and suitable for more users in different countries. The portable Milking Machine is not only used for the individual animal in small farm, but also provides a selection for large-scale dairy farms for some special animals.

Piston-typed Milking Machine

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