Feeding chickens for weight gain

Add soybean oil method: In the 7 days before the sale of broilers, add a little raw soybean oil to the chicken feed to make the broiler fattened.

Add fat chicken powder method: According to dry ginger powder 20%, licorice powder 9%, fennel powder 7%, cinnamon 50%, cooked soybean powder 6%, iron sulfate 8% dosage formulated into fat chicken powder, each chicken 0.5 to 1 g, add water to the feed and feed it once every 2 days.

Feeding cooked corn meal method: 1 chicken feeds 200 grams of cooked corn flour every day, and it is manually fed in the morning, noon, and afternoon, and it is better to add some cabbage leaves.

Feeding Ai Powder Method: Add 2% Ai Powder to the broiler diet and increase daily weight gain by 10% to 20%.

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