Nursing: Several Considerations for Abortion Care

Any person who interrupts a pregnancy due to a contraceptive failure or who is unsuitable to continue pregnancy because of a variety of illnesses may undergo abortion. However, in the event of the following circumstances, abortion is not suitable for the time being.

â—† Acute infectious diseases or acute episodes of chronic infectious diseases, severe systemic diseases (such as heart failure, high-risk symptoms, tuberculosis with high fever, and severe anaemia) cannot withstand the operator.

â—† acute genital inflammation, such as vaginitis, severe cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease.

â—† Acidosis caused by severe vomiting during pregnancy has not yet been corrected.

◆ The body temperature above 37.5°C twice within 4 hours before surgery.

Careful attention to the flow of people

1. To maintain the regularity of life: even if the abortion surgery is very successful, but if the life after surgery is not the law, it will increase bleeding or sequelae. You can rest in the hospital for a day after surgery or go home. The next few days also went to the hospital for observation and treatment, and ensured a full rest.

2. Clothes should be kept loose, do not go through tights.

3. During this time, do not drink alcohol, and do not take a bath without your doctor's permission, as bathing can sometimes cause infection.

4. Sex life can only begin after the bleeding has completely stopped between 10 and 2 weeks after surgery.

5. In order to ensure the health of the mother, do not gravid immediately after surgery because the uterus is damaged during surgery. At this time, pregnancy is very dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to take safe contraceptive measures.

6. If medical abortion is used, it must be observed by a doctor to see if the drug works and if the abortion is complete.

7. From the second day of surgery, do not overwork and exercise.

Note that the above points generally do not cause infertility and sequelae. Abortion is best not to be done unless it is obligatory. Medical evidence shows that as the number of abortions increases, the risk of infertility and sequelae continues to increase.

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