Introduction of high pressure cleaners in heat exchanger cleaning

The heat exchanger is a kind of equipment for thermal energy conversion and waste heat utilization, and is widely used in industrial fields such as chemical plants, power plants and petrochemical enterprises. Because the cooling water is in the process of heat exchange, the chilled water absorbs the heat of the cooling water and raises its temperature. At this time, the Ca(HCO3)2 and Mg(HCO3)2 dissolved in the water precipitates CO2 under the action of temperature. Water soluble in CaCO3 and MgCO3. Since the solubility of CaCO3 and MgCO3 decreases with increasing temperature, it crystallizes out from water. When these crystals are continuously deposited on the surface of the heat exchanger, they form very hard scale, which not only affects heat exchange efficiency, but also increases Energy consumption, in severe cases, will result in downtime due to insufficient flow of cooling water and pressure drop, so the heat exchanger must be cleaned after a period of use. At present, in the cleaning of industrial heat exchangers, most enterprises generally use high-pressure cleaners for cleaning. The following describes the specific method of cleaning the heat exchanger by the high pressure cleaner.

The working principle of the high pressure cleaner cleaning heat exchanger:

The high-pressure water generated by the high-pressure cleaner is sent to the high-pressure nozzle of the rigid spray gun or the flexible gun through the high-pressure hose. Since the diameter of the high-pressure nozzle is much smaller than the diameter of the high-pressure pipeline, the water reaching the high-pressure nozzle needs to pass through the nozzle. It must be accelerated so that the nozzle can convert high-pressure, low-flow water into a low-pressure, high-flow jet. The high-pressure water jet crushes the saline-alkali structure in the tube by a combination of punching, wedge-bending and shearing, and discharges the scale from the tube hole by the push-pull action of the fluid, and completes the cleaning task after the Zui. It is important to note that the high-pressure water jet must directly shoot the scale and the scale can be broken. Therefore, no matter how long the tube is, the spray gun must be long. Otherwise, the dirt will not be destroyed by the fluid flushing action after hitting the tube wall. Because the velocity of the fluid is small at this time, its kinetic energy is not enough to break the dirt.

The cleaning method for cleaning the heat exchanger using a high pressure cleaner is as follows:

Firstly, the head and the seal of the heat exchanger are removed to expose all the tubes, and then the rigid gun or flexible high-pressure spray gun is inserted into the tube hole by a distance of 200-300mm, and the spray gun control valve is opened to pressurize the high-pressure water. The rated pressure is reached, and then, during the cleaning process, the spray gun is gradually advanced deep into the pipe until the high pressure water jet is ejected from the other end of the heat exchanger. After that, the operator slowly withdraws the spray gun under working conditions, and the dirt continues to be broken until the spray gun is pulled back to the nozzle at the time of feeding, and the scale is gradually discharged out of the pipeline. Thereafter, the same method is used to clean the individual tubes until the tube of the entire heat exchanger is cleaned.

Shell-side cleaning generally involves arranging the nozzle on the device fed by the robot arm, aligning the nozzle with the longitudinal and transverse gaps between the tubes, and cleaning the dirt between the tubes while moving the edge of the device until the dirt of all the gaps between the tubes is cleaned. Thereby, the cleaning of the heat exchanger shell side is completed.

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