How to judge the benign and malignant of breast mass

At present doctors to judge the benign and malignant breast mass, mainly the following means: 1 physical examination, including visual and palpation; 2 molybdenum target radiograph; 3 ultrasound examination; 4 infrared scanning; 5 puncture; 6 biopsy; 7 other. They have different lengths for diagnosing breast masses.

1 physical examination: The doctor's physical examination is very important for judging the benign and malignant breast masses.

However, the accuracy and otherwise of the judgment depend on the doctor's experience. If a doctor has been exposed to such diseases for a long time, he is also good at summing up experience. Then after checking the patient, there is a backlog of seventy-eight in his head. If the sign is typical, he can make an exact diagnosis even without any inspections. Sometimes there is no instrument examination to check his hand. Accurate situations are also often encountered. The doctor's feelings are often sensible and difficult to convey. However, if you find a doctor who is not working, sometimes even though he is famous in other areas, the situation will be very different. So you must find a regular channel specialist.

2 The molybdenum target radiograph is very helpful for the diagnosis of breast masses, but only a few large hospitals with conditions are available, the examination fee is relatively high, and in many cases it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis. It also contains readings. The level of the doctor's level;

3 Ultrasonography is a good measure of the location of cystic masses and masses. In addition, it is very difficult to judge the benign and malignant breast masses.

4 Infrared scanning, mainly using the soft tissue of different structures of the human body to diagnose the difference in infrared absorption rate. Sometimes there is some accuracy, but in many cases it is impossible to make accurate judgments. Its advantage is that it is inexpensive and does not harm the human body.

5 puncture, is to insert the fine needle into the mass, and withdraw a small amount of tissue for cytological examination. This is a very good and direct examination, not only cheap, but often very accurate, conditional hospitals can also be combined with B-ultrasound, X-ray positioning for puncture, may find it very early cancer without touching the mass. Unfortunately, folklore punctures cause tumor metastases, and many patients are afraid to adopt them. For this reason, I firmly oppose this. Because the medical community has already demonstrated this many times, it will not cause tumor metastasis. It is worth noting that, if other tests are unable to make judgments, it would be much more likely that a delayed diagnosis would result in a shift from treatment immediately after puncture. . Some people say, then I choose surgical biopsy or intraoperative rapid diagnosis, tell you that surgery can be much greater than the stimulation caused by puncture. If it is good, it will increase your cost. Rapid intraoperative slicing can cause you to lose preoperative chemotherapy, a treatment that works well to prevent metastases.

6 Biopsy: I do not need to say that its diagnosis is the most reliable, but the damage is too great, and it can only be used if other methods cannot be diagnosed.

7 Others: Including CT, MRI, the value is not higher than the above means, but the price is high.

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