Benefits of fattening beef cattle are related to their age and gender

At present, there are more and more specialized farms (households) for fattening beef cattle, and the scale of breeding is also increasing. In the process of fattening beef cattle, some of them use adult cattle for fattening, some use obsolete old, weak, sick, and remnant cattle for fattening, and some use fattening cattle for fattening. After using these types of cattle for fattening meat can be used, but the economic benefits after fattening is different. So, what kind of cattle fattening economic benefit is best? Practice has proved that the use of bulls from 1 to 2 years of age and bulls that are not castrated within 2 years of age are the best economic benefits. why?

The first reason is that beef cattle's weight gain rate and feed conversion rate are closely related to age. In general, the older you are, the slower the weight gain and the lower the feed rate. According to experiments, beef cattle gained the fastest weight in the first year of birth; in the second year, the weight gain was only 70% of the first year's weight gain; in the third year, the weight gain was only 50% of the second year's weight gain. The weight gain of young cattle is mainly long muscles, organs and bones. The weight gain of older cattle is mainly to increase fat. Therefore, the yak of 1~2 years old gains weight fast and has good meat quality. Older cattle fattening slowly, poor meat quality. Therefore, cows aged 1 to 2 years are most suitable for fattening.

The second reason is that beef cattle’s weight gain and meat quality have a lot to do with their sex. Under the same conditions, bulls grow fastest, followed by calves, and cows are the slowest. In the past, many farmers, herdsmen, and professional farms (households) were accustomed to fattening the bulls. However, many recent scientific experiments have shown that the daily weight gain of the non-castrated cattle is 14.4% higher than that of the yak, and the feed utilization rate is increased by 11.7%, while the carcass has more lean meat and less fat. What is the reason for this? This is due to the high content of sex hormones (testosterone) in the non-castrated bull. Therefore, bulls used for fattening within 2 years of age are better off.

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