Winter geese go for technical essentials

First, choose healthy goslings Healthy normal goslings showed moderate weight, good yolk absorption, good umbilical contraction, can stand after hair shaft, loud calls, bright hair, lively, bright eyes are God and flexible. Dystrophy is manifested as light or heavy weight, poor umbilical contraction, poor yolk absorption, and a large navel or umbilicus with blood smears, weakness, low voice, dry hair, and uneasiness in the eyes. These goslings are difficult to keep and should be eliminated.

Second, to control the temperature of the early hatching goslings gossip rare, its own ability to regulate body temperature is poor, it is difficult to adapt to changes in the outside temperature, so you must control the temperature. The winter and spring brooding temperature is generally controlled at 28~30°C and decreases by 1°C per day after 1 week. When the temperature drops to 16~18°C, it can be raised at room temperature.

Third, the regulation of good humidity Hull room humidity will affect the growth of goslings, and easy to cause diseases; brood chamber is too dry and will make the water outside the body of the goslings through the respiratory excretion of excess, resulting in poor absorption of residual goose body yolk. The humidity in the brooding room is generally adjusted to 55% to 60%, adjusted to 50% to 55% after 2 weeks of age, and the humidity is adjusted depending on the temperature.

Fourth, pay attention to eating methods Goslings can be eaten 24 hours after hatching. Before drinking, drink water, add a small amount of glucose or vitamins in drinking water to help clean up the gastrointestinal tract, eliminate meconium, and provide nutrition. Goslings are best eaten with half-cooked rice. After 5 days, a small amount of green material is added to the feed, preferably with fresh lettuce leaves cut into filaments. After the goslings feed, they sprinkle the feed on bamboo mats or plastic cloths to allow the geese to feed freely and feed them 6 to 8 times a day.

Fifth, attach importance to epidemic prevention work Winter and spring should pay special attention to epidemic prevention work. 2 to 3 days after the gosling hatched, each bird was injected with 0.5 ml serum of a gosling and 5 days later, a 1:100 dilution of gosling geese vaccine was injected. After 2 weeks, a 1:50-fold dilution was added. Goose quail vaccine 0.5 ml to prevent the occurrence of goose quails, and conditions can also be injected once to defeat the bacterin, to prevent the bird from defeating. Do a good job of disinfection during feeding.


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