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In the process of collecting pig blood for detecting antibodies, due to the high vigilance of pigs, they are frightened and nervous and often cause troubles in blood collection. In the past few years of blood collection, adherence to the "sets, stroking, accurate, and slow" four-word scriptures has been effective.

Set - Use a sterile pig lasso to securely hold the pig's palate. At the same time, it is best to let the pig retreat to the corner. In this way, the pig will have a sense of security and relax faster.

Caressing – After patching pigs, swip the pig several times from beginning to end, and whisper gently until the pig calms, which takes about 1-3 minutes.

Quasi - after disinfection of the ear vein moving parts, after the sight of the puncture, it is best to identify. After many punctures, the pigs became irritated due to pain and screamed nervously.

Slow--After finding the blood vessels, do not rush to extract them immediately. When the pigs are quiet and relaxed, the blood will flow smoothly, more blood will be collected, and the blood will be safe and safe.

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