Modern greenhouse building planning and construction of basic knowledge

First, the composition of the greenhouse:

A complete greenhouse system usually includes the following parts or parts of it:

1. The structure of the building;

2. Cover material;

3. Ventilation system;

4. Cooling system;

5. Heating system;

6. Thermal insulation energy-saving system;

7. shading system;

8. Indoor air circulation system;

9. CO2 fertilization system;

10. Artificial lighting;

11. Cultivation beds (shelves) and substrates;

12. Computer-controlled irrigation and fertilization systems;

13. Environmental Control System;

14. Material handling equipment.

Whether or not a greenhouse needs to include the above-mentioned items usually depends on the type of crop planted, the local climate conditions, and the economic constraints.


Second, the greenhouse structure selection

There are many kinds of building structure systems used in the current greenhouse. Herringbone roofing is the most common type of greenhouse structure, as well as greenhouses with arched, pointed arched and zigzag roofing. The semi-arched zig-zag greenhouse is a newly developed greenhouse structure whose main characteristic is good ventilation performance. The most common form of greenhouse used in the Netherlands is the Wenluo greenhouse, which uses a truss structure and a small-span roof (3.2M-span) greenhouse. About 85% of the new greenhouses in the Netherlands are of this type and 10% are large-span greenhouses.

For certain materials or structural techniques, certain structural types may be superior to other structural types, but there is no universally applicable best structural type. The architectural structure of greenhouses is very regional and closely related to the local natural climate conditions. Therefore, it is generally required to carry out specific designs based on different requirements and conditions in different regions.

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