White chrysanthemum production method

First, pick flowers

In early November (after winter), flowers are collected and mined until the end of the flowering season. White chrysanthemums have a time of about 10 days. The flowers that have been opened for the first time are mature flowers and are of good quality; after 3 to 5 days, two rounds of flowers are taken, and the quality is slightly inferior to the first round of flowers. The flowers should be collected one by one, and they must not be smashed. Don't dilute the petals, or bring flowers or broken leaves.

Second, steaming green

The collected flowers should be put in the bamboo basket for about 20 hours, so that the flowers will lose some of their water, causing mild withering, and the next day will start steaming. The required tools for steaming: 1 iron pan with a diameter of about 66 cm; 1 pan with a raised height, a cover height of not less than 50 cm; 1 wooden tripod with a height of 55 cm, divided into 5 bins; 10 bamboo sieves, diameter About 35cm, 5-6cm high. Sprinkle flowers: Put about 5kg of water in a pot and boil it with a big fire. Each time you steam 5 sieves, put 400g of lightly withering chrysanthemums per sieve. Place 5 of the flowers on the sieve. Inside the plaid, cover with a lid, boil water, steam for about 5 minutes, uncover the lid, remove the steamer, and the steamed flowers are glued into a cake. Pour it over the outdoor curtain and gradually dry it. If it is dry and rainy, it must be dried with a charcoal fire, but the product has a low aroma and poor quality. It also has charcoal odor. The finished product has a moisture content of 12% 2%. When the tan is too dry, the petals are easily broken. When the moisture content is close to 18%, it will be black and rotten after several days of storage and become defective products.

Problems in the Production of Chrysanthemum

1, dry

The aromatic oil contained in flowers is a low-boiling point compound, and the highest temperature for drying is 50°C. If the drying temperature is increased, the portrait image becomes lower and lower. When the baking temperature reaches 70°C, the flowers are exhausted and evaporated. Chrysanthemum has become a dregs with no drinking value. The water content of flowers is more than 80%. After steaming, the moisture content is 90%. With such a high moisture content, drying with 50°C is not realistic. Therefore, Chrysanthemum dry depends on the sky - the sun dried.

2, using new technologies

Flowers are killed with microwaves, dried after fixing and dried, the aroma is good, the flowers do not stick, and the shape looks better. However, a 15kw microwave machine can only kill 10kg of flowers per hour. The production cost is high and flower growers cannot accept it. If you use a roller or pot-type fixation, the petals curl up with the stamens to form soy-like particles. For example, if the tea machine is used to make green tea, it will be a big problem when the flowers are steamed and dried together. If the drying room is made of brick-making tea, the operation is cumbersome, and it is not as easy as drying.

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