Zhao County, Hebei Province: Unswervingly Promoting the Establishment of High Grain Yield

"We must unswervingly implement the whole system to promote the creation of high grain yields." On November 28th, Wang Jianhai, secretary of the county party committee of Zhaoxian County, Hebei Province, said in an interview with the reporter that the county is a traditional agricultural county, in 2006, 2008 and 2010. Three times by the Ministry of Agriculture, it was named "National Advanced Product Model for Grain Production." This year, it was identified as one of the nation's first batch of reconstruction systems to promote the creation of high-yield demonstration counties. The average yields of wheat and corn were 537.1 kg and 613.9 kg, respectively, and the total grain output reached 694,000 tons. It was named by the Hebei provincial government as “Advanced production of summer grain. county".

Wang Jianhai said that in recent years, in order to further promote the development of modern agriculture, the county’s cadres and the masses have actively explored and developed a scientific development path relying on scientific and technological innovation, project-led, and industrialized management to promote grain production. The main measure is to pay close attention to the creation of high output and promote the optimization and upgrading of the food industry. Adhering to the project drive, we implemented state-level high-quality grain projects such as national high-quality special wheat and corn seed subsidies and grain high-yield science and technology projects, accumulatively distributed more than RMB 33 million subsidies for improved seeds, and promoted the planting of more than 400,000 mu of high-quality grain to drive farmers to increase their incomes. 100 million yuan. We continued to increase the promotion of thoroughbred varieties, and the coverage of wheat and corn varieties in the county reached 100%. To implement a high-yield demonstration project, this year plans to build 10 100-acre demonstration areas, 10 thousand-mu demonstration areas, and 10-10,000-mu demonstrations, and subsidize improved seed subsidies, drought subsidies, science and technology, soil testing, formula fertilization, and standardized land construction. Such funds were consolidated and put into place in a concentrated manner, forming a trend of creating high-yield products that combined point, line, and face, and promoted the overall development. The radiation led to stable production and high yield of grain throughout the county.

In the aspect of “Developing Agriculture Through Science and Technology”, Wang Jianhai said that Zhao County fully utilized the advantages of the Institute of Crop Research of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Institute of Genetics and Development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in establishing a permanent research base in the county, and further promoted cooperation between the “Yuanxian” and the county. Enhance agricultural scientific research capabilities and develop new wheat and corn varieties with independent intellectual property rights. Improve the county, township and village three levels of agricultural technology promotion system, has been listed as a national pilot of agricultural technology innovation and demonstration sites in the province, Hebei Province, the only science and technology home project demonstration sites. We will vigorously promote the adjustment of planting structure and actively develop modern agriculture projects such as facility agriculture, high-efficiency agriculture, and ecological tourism agriculture.

Speaking of comprehensive grain production capacity, Wang Jianhai said that during the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, the county's total financial investment was directly invested in agriculture and grain production by 330 million yuan, an average annual increase of 49%. From January to October of this year, the county's fiscal investment in agriculture was 1.0863 trillion yuan, and during this period, the county's fiscal revenue was 406 million yuan. Through the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy projects to further improve the level of agricultural machinery and equipment, the county's total agricultural machinery power reached 2.9 million kilowatts, agricultural mechanization and operating efficiency has continued to increase. Strengthen the construction of farmland water conservancy infrastructure, and the water-saving irrigation area reached 228,800 mu.

"The increase of farmers' income has always been the core issue of 'three rural issues'." Wang Jianhai said that he vigorously implemented the "industrialization" project and promoted the added value and efficiency of food production. Establish an industrialized management system that takes leading enterprises as the main body, cooperative organizations as the link, and peasants' common development. At present, the county's agricultural industrialization rate has reached 66%, there are more than 150 leading food processing enterprises such as wheat and corn, and 700,000 tons of wheat and 1.5 million tons of corn are converted annually. The grain industry of the county achieves an annual sales income of nearly 5 billion yuan. To achieve a value-added of 1 billion yuan in processing. Actively nurturing and developing professional cooperative economic organizations for peasants, the county's peasant professional cooperatives reached 390 and ranked first in Shijiazhuang.

Wang Jianhai said that the ten county party conferences held in the county not long ago clearly put forward the strategy of “stabilizing agriculture in the county”, and continued to increase the comprehensive capacity of agricultural production and increase the income of farmers as the top priority of agricultural and rural work, and continued to consolidate and continuously improve agriculture. To develop advantages and accelerate the advancement of agricultural county to agricultural county.

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