The newly planted fruit tree will be a “stuffing bud”

The fruit trees planted in the spring did not germinate until March or April. It looked like the skin was not wrinkled, the shoot was not dry, and it did not wither. This phenomenon was called "stuffing buds." There are several reasons for causing "bulging buds":

First, when seedlings are transplanted, there are too many root damages, especially if the root damage is serious. It is difficult to absorb water and nutrients after planting, resulting in physiological dysfunction on the ground and in the ground.

2. Improperly trimmed parts before planting, leaving weak buds and hidden buds.

Third, the plant is too deep. Due to the lack of oxygen in deep soils, it is not conducive to the growth and healing of roots and affects the activity of shoots in the ground.

Fourth, lack of sensation. In addition, when the planting is false, the roots and the soil are not in contact, affecting the development of the root system.

V. The growth of roots of various fruit trees requires a certain temperature. If the groundwater level at the planting site is too high, or if the watering is too much, the soil temperature will be lowered and the long roots will be affected, thus delaying the germination.

Chinese Herbal Medicine (English name: Chinese herbal medicine): Chinese medicine is mainly composed of botanical medicine (root, stem, leaf, fruit), animal medicine (viscera, skin, bone, organs, etc.) and mineral medicine. Because botanical medicine accounts for the majority of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is also called Chinese herbal medicine.

There are about 5,000 kinds of Chinese medicines used in various parts of China, and there are countless prescriptions made by combining various medicinal materials. After thousands of years of research, an independent science, Materia Medica, has been formed. Various medical schools in China have set up the course of natural medicine, which is called the Chinese herbal medicine.

The concept of plant extracts can be accepted and recognized by various countries, and it is also a common expression used to spread herbal medicines in various countries. The export value of plant extracts in China exceeded the export value of Chinese patent medicines as early as 1999. In European and American countries, plant extracts and their products (plant medicines or food supplements) have a broad market prospect, and have developed into an emerging industry with annual sales of nearly 8 billion US dollars.

The plant extracts in China are generally intermediate products, which are widely used, mainly used as raw materials or auxiliary materials for medicines, health foods, tobacco, cosmetics, etc. There are also many kinds of raw material plants used for extraction, and there are more than 300 plant varieties that are extracted industrially.



Chinese Herbal Medicine

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