Sweet potato moth

The scientific name is Brachmia macroscopa Meyrick, Lepidoptera. Distribution in North China, East China, Central China, South China, Southwest.

Host yam, sweet potato, leeks and other convolvulaceae plants.

The characteristics of larvae larvae feeding new leaves, buds into a net, the larvae drilled into the buds, the larvae grow up after eating leaf meal, leaving only the epidermis, causing the victim to become white, then brown withered. Only the leaf veins remain in severe cases. After growing up, the leaf is rolled up into holes. Morphological characteristics Adult body length about 4mm, wingspan 18mm, wing width 2.5mm, body dark brown, head and face close to dark brown scales, front wing with dark brown mixed with grayish yellow scales, wings and wings veins green, near The center has white stripes, the outer edge has 5 rows of black spots, and the hind wings are dark grayish white; the larvae have a body length of about 6 mm, a light yellow head, and a pale yellowish green body, showing a dark purple color in the body.

Life habits in North China, Zhejiang 3-4 generations, Jiangxi, Hunan, 5-7 generations, Fujian, Guangdong, 8-9 generations, with crickets in the leaves in the winter. Yam is harmful when it grows new buds, and it occurs most frequently from July to August. The eggs are produced near the ribs in the young leaves.

Prevention and control methods combined with prevention and treatment of Yam leaf palpebrosis. If necessary, spray 90% crystal trichlorfon 80c-1000 times or 40% Dimethoate 1000 times, 50% imidophos 500-800 times, and 50% fenthion EC 100C in the early stages of the larval stage. , 75L per 667m2 sprayed good liquid.

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