Early spring vegetable seedlings planted after planting antifreeze

When greenhouse vegetables are cultivated in early spring, they are prone to frost damage if they encounter cold weather. In order to prevent seedlings from freezing, measures should be actively taken to prevent freezing.

The first is to increase the cold resistance of seedlings by taking measures such as increasing light, controlling humidity, and scientific fertilization. The first is to increase the light and increase the intensity of photosynthesis. With strong sunlight, the photosynthesis of the seedlings is strong, and there are also many nutrients such as sugar and starch produced, and the cold resistance is strong. In order to make the seedlings more sunlight, in the normal temperature range, the outer cover should be covered as early as possible to cover the late cover, and the cover of the outer cover should be opened on cloudy days and rainy days. It is best to use high light transmittance. No drip film or dustproof film, while the plastic film should always keep the film surface clean, improve light transmittance. At the same time, it is necessary to control the humidity in the greenhouse. The humidity in the shed is large, the water content of the seedlings in the larvae is high, and the concentration of the cell fluid is low, so that the seedlings are easily chilled. In early spring, because the temperature is low and the light is weak, if the humidity in the greenhouse is too high, it is not only susceptible to freezing damage, but it is also prone to infection. Therefore, the number of times of watering and watering should be strictly controlled in the early stage to prevent the soil and air humidity in the shed from being too high. When the humidity in the booth is too high, it is necessary to enhance ventilation and humidity. Ventilation must be performed at a high temperature around noon to prevent cold air from blowing directly onto the seedlings and causing freezing damage. In addition, we must also apply scientific fertilization and apply no nitrogen fertilizer so as not to weaken the cold resistance of the seedlings. Increase potassium fertilizer can significantly increase the cold resistance of seedlings. In addition, the use of rice vinegar, sugar, calcium superphosphate mixed, dubbed 300 times, sprayed on the foliage, can increase the degree of sugar and hardness of mesophyll, and improve cold resistance.

The second is to seal the shed, pay attention to block the gaps in various places, to minimize gap heat dissipation.

The third is to strengthen coverage. In the early spring season, the exterior of the greenhouse shall cover the outer insulation materials such as cotton quilts and grass braids at night, and keep the outer insulation coverings always in a dry state. The interior of the greenhouse shall be covered with multiple layers such as hanging curtains and buckled arches. Plastic sheds should also be covered with multiple layers. Grass curtains are enclosed around the outside. The bottom of the shed is surrounded by a plastic film around the cold skirt. The shed is hung with two curtains, a small arch shed, covered mulch, and non-woven fabrics. Cover the seedlings. It can also be used as a windbreak in the north of the greenhouse to protect the wind and cold.

The fourth is to use temporary warming measures. When the daytime temperature in the shed is lower than 15°C and the nighttime temperature is lower than 5°C, cold injury or freezing injury may occur. In case of cold weather, it is necessary to take necessary temporary warming measures at night to artificially supplement heat. Temporary heating equipment such as heaters and stoves can be installed in the sheds, but chimneys must be sent to the outside of the sheds. It is not possible to warm them with open flames to prevent poisonous gases from damaging the seedlings when fuel is burned.

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